On Proposal #64

by The Founder at 2006-06-15 04:16:20

I don't think Transports will work the way they are intended. For one, with the current unit/building density (at least in the first 60 squares), Transports won't really be able to move much at all, and are (at least in my opinion) considerably worse than Teleporters (except in the case where they have room to move freely). Secondly, a Transport doesn't say anything about moving units with the actual Transport... so it functions like a mobile stasis power pack, and the stasis pods just stay where the loaded units are (I say stasis because the units won't be able to do anything, not because the term itself has any inherent meaning in the game).

Also, the whole speed of 30 is a bit fast... it wouldn't affect me much, but that makes using a Transport efficiently take three visits or so per day, since moving would only cool down for 8 hours. Again, not something that really bothers me, but it might bother others who can only log on once per day (or even less frequently).