Re: Ideas for my future proposals, input/use welcome

by Le Roc at 2006-06-13 13:40:49

Well the idea behind the laser howitzer was to be able to knock down walls/other buildings. At the moment walls, towers and forts are basically invincible. The idea was to give you something to allow you to knock down walls and allow warriors or other units to come in and attack the units. Warriors are much cheaper and do almost the same damage as a Howitzer to units. Also I'm sure you noticed the Howitzer's bombard command doesn't effect units. That is not a bug that was done on purpose. But unless your opponent has a number of Howitzers you can easily move any valuable units off of a square thats under attack before the wall is blown away, and forts will still take a long time to destroy even with a few howitzers, 1500 hp is a lot.
I was contemplating adding a new command for SCV's to repair buildings. Something like pay $10 building gains 50-100 hp, SCV cools down for 1 day. Would also help if your under attack. If anyone want to propose something along these lines I'm all for it.