Re: Ideas for my future proposals, input/use welcome

by The Founder at 2006-06-13 03:36:48

It's meant to circumvent Walls. Currently, Walls are way too powerful with regards to stopping all attacks, and I'd like for non-SCV/Guard Tower units/buildings to have some use. Besides, a Monk can (proactively) counter Defile by using Spell Shield.

And yes, I know you proposed the Laser, but I'm a bit leary of it, as I think it's a touch too powerful. Given that nothing short of a Guard Tower/other Laser can take them down in a reasonable amount of time, but they can slam through a Wall in less time, and nothing else can even come close to taking them out in time, I think the power creep is a bit much (I'd prefer to see something done to tone down Guard Towers as well personally, but I don't find it a big enough issue that I think something absolutely needs to be done, or I'd try to do it myself). Nevermind if the Laser is sitting on a Wall, or if it has backup of its own.