Re: Now that SCVs build Forts... what do the Player Pawns do?

by Le Roc at 2006-06-13 00:19:45

I'm all for more things. Actually with the idea of Cards being thrown around I put together a short proposal idea. I don't know if I'd actually ever propose it but feel free to look/comment/steal if you so desire:

Add a new class of items to the game, called cards. Players will be able to see the number of cards in any players inventory, but they will not be able to see the exact cards that other players posses. Everybody can see the cards in their own inventory though of course.
Add two new zones to the game. One is called the Deck Zone (also Library, Stockpile or just Deck without the word zone) the other the Discard Zone (also Graveyard, Scrap-heap, or Discard Pile). Cards in both zones will be ordered in a stack. Cards in the Discard zone will be visible to all players, cards in the Deck zone will not be.
When a player takes a turn the top card of the Deck is moved into their inventory. If the Deck contains no cards then the contents of the discard pile will be shuffled (that is randomized, in a process determined by Jeff) and put into the Deck, then the player whom is taking their turn will be given the top card. If both the Deck and the Discard pile contain no cards then the player whom is taking their turn does not receive a card, but their turn continues normally otherwise.
Cards are defined by the following properties:
Name: the name of the card.
Play ability/ies: these are different uses of the card (as per rule V.2). However, this use does not destroy the card after use unless otherwise stated. Unless the Play ability on a card states the card should go somewhere else after being played the card will be put onto the top of the Discard zone.
I will define three types of cards with this rule:
Name: Blank card
Play Ability: When played this card is moved onto the top of the Discard pile.

Name: Cash Card
Play Ability: The player whom played this card receives $10, then this card is put onto the top of the discard pile.

Name: Speed Card
Play Ability: The player whom plays this may take another turn as if 3 days had passed since they last took their turn. If the fail to take a turn within 2 days from when they played this card they will be fined $100 and have their turn taken for them. Put this card onto the top of the Discard Pile.

As this rule is implemented add the following to the Deck: 100 Blank Cards, 20 Cash Cards, 1 Speed Card. Then shuffle the deck.