Now that SCVs build Forts... what do the Player Pawns do?

by The T at 2006-06-12 20:57:15

Well, the proposal to allow SCVs build forts was just passed, so, the question really is now, what can we make the Player [Pawns] do to affect the game? They don't do anything when they land on spaces, they can't directly affect units or buildings, and they're forced to be unable to wrap around the board.

With the exception of the latter point, I think they should stay that way.

Perhaps, we should add special buildings that cause effects when players land on them, like taking money. But that'd just be a rip of Monopoly and wouldn't mesh well.

I don't have any better ideas at the moment, but I thought I'd toss this question out and get your opinions: What shall we do?