Re: Ideas for my future proposals, input/use welcome

by The Founder at 2006-06-12 16:04:23

One thing I forgot to mention is that corpses would also "remember" who owned the unit before it died.

Other ideas:

Command: Defile Enchantments
Can be issued to: Necromancer
Cool down time: 2 days
Effect: Target unit, which must be located on either the same square or an adjacent square to the Necromancer to which this command is being issued, is dealt 10 damage. If that unit is enchanted, it takes an additional 5 damage for each enchantment enchanting that unit.

Enchantment: Echo
Can be issued to: Mesmer
Cool down time: None
Duration: 1 day
Effect: The Mesmer to which this command is issued becomes enchanted by Echo. While enchanted by Echo, if the Mesmer is issued another command, it may (within 1 hour of the command being issued), be issued the same command (possibly with different targets, this supercedes Rule XII.6), and Echo ends prematurely.

Command: Resurrect
Can be issued to: Monk
Cool down time: 4 days
Effect: The player may select any corpse that is on the same square as the Monk or an adjacent square. That corpse is resurrected (it is exploited, and occupying the same square as the corpse, a unit of the same type as the corpse "was" is created, owned by the player who originally owned the unit from which the corpse came). If this would cause units owned by different players to occupy the same square, the newly created unit is instead created on the same square as the Monk to which this command is issued.