Ideas for my future proposals, input/use welcome

by The Founder at 2006-06-12 15:49:35

I figured that, with the now increased board size, and the ability of players who haven't been able to "get into the game" due to various reasons (terrible dice rolls for example, something I'm currently trying to address) to build Forts, the whole unit/building thing might now recieve more positive attention from those previously "scorned" by it. Since I've got a few days before making my next proposal, I figured I'd throw what I was planning up for some (constructive) criticism. Here it is (asterisked comments, like ***this***, are just my comments and won't be included in the proposal):

***Begin Proposal***

Replace all occurances in the rules of initial hit points with maximum hit points (Max HP). Any current or future proposed units that use initial hit points instead of Max HP, are taken to mean Max HP. When a unit is created, it's current hit points are set equal to its Max HP. A unit may never have its HP higher than its Max HP (if this would happen, the unit's HP are instead set to its Max HP).

***I think this will make future proposals dealing with hit points a bit easier to make***

Change Pledge Service to Lyssa so that it can only be issued to non-Monk, non-Necromancer units, and change Pledge Service to Dwayna so that it can only be issued to non-Necromancer, non-Mesmer units.

Units now leave corpses when they die, unless otherwise specified in their description. Corpses occupy the same square as the target that died, and "remember" what unit type they came from. If a corpse is exploited, it is removed from the board. Corpses are removed from the board 49 hours after they are created. Corpses do not have owners, and are not considered units.

***This will allow for "dead" units to be used somehow, as with the Necromancer below. The natural removal will keep there from being too many corpses around in the long run. Remembering the unit type and exploitation allow for a variety of uses.***

Add the following to the game:

Unit: Necromancer
Maximum Hit Points: 40
Attack Strength: 5
Attack Range: 1
Armor: 5
Speed: 10

Command: Pledge Service to Grenth
Can be issued to: Any non-Monk, non-Mesmer unit
Cool down time: 1 day
Effect: The unit becomes a Necromancer. The player issuing this command must pay $250.

Command: Animate Bone Horror
Can be issued to: Necromancer
Cool down time: 1 day
Effect: Target corpse, which must be located on either the same square or an adjacent square to the Necromancer to which this command is being issued, is exploited. A Bone Horror is created at the same square that the corpse occupied, is bound to the Necromancer to which this command was issued, and is owned by the player issuing this command. If this would cause units controlled by different players to occupy the same square, the Bone Horror is instead created on the square occupied by the Necromancer to which this command was issued.

***That last part is to avoid conflict with exploiting corpses on "enemy" grounds, which I still want to allow***

Unit: Bone Horror
Maximum Hit Points: 30
Attack Strength: 10
Attack Range: 1
Armor: 0
Speed: 10
Notes: Every 24 hours, starting one hour after the Bone Horror is created, the Bone Horror has its current hit points reduced by 5, cumulatively (so after 24 hours, its HP are reduced by 5, then after another 24 hours, its HP are reduced by a further 10, etc.) In addition, Bone Horrors will attack a random target (unit or building, but not itself) whenever possible or move in a random direction if no valid targets are able to be attacked, unless the Bone Horror is bound to a Necromancer. If the Necromancer to which the Bone Horror is bound dies, that Bone Horror is no longer considered bound. Bone Horrors do not leave corpses when they die.

***Basically, a weaker, decaying Warrior that "berserks" if not bound to something***

Command: Blood of the Master
Can be issued to: Necromancer
Cool down time: 2 days
Effect: All units bound to this Necromancer do not lose hit points due to their natural "decay" the next time they would, but the decay amount still accumulates.

Example: A Necromancer, which has a Bone Horror bound to it that has been alive for 36 hours, is issued this command. 13 hours later, when the Bone Horror would lose 10 hit points (49 hours after creation), it does not. 37 hours later (73 hours after creation), when the Bone Horror would next lose hit points, it loses 15 hit points.

***This gives Necromancers a way to keep their bound units alive a bit longer.***

***End Proposal***

I was also thinking of adding more later, but I think that proposal is large and complicated enough as is! I'll post the other ideas in a reply to this one.