Re: Here's an idea...

by Le Roc at 2006-06-06 15:11:58

Alright, as I see it there is only 1 fundamental problem with the whole units thing. That is it requires far too much attention. It heavily violates Jeff's minimum 1 login / 3 days concept. It did so right from the beginning. Back when the move and attack commands were given cool down's of 1 day. As it is I tend to like this because I can now log in a few times a day and there will usually be something for me to do. The game is pretty interactive. However, if someone wanted to slow the whole thing down, make commands have 3 day cool downs I would not be opposed to this, so long as it was clearly written and didn't contain some kind of hidden exploit.
After I saw the SCV proposal I immediately decided I had better jump into the whole units thing with both feet. So I did. Presently a quick check of the board would say I am somewhere around 2nd place as far as units goes (presuming The Founder to be holding 1st place). I am not opposed to some kind of a proposal that would allow people to jump in, again provided it is clearly written and not some kind of exploit. Perhaps something once again increasing the board size, this time not spreading the units out, and giving people the capacity to place 1 or 2 forts at arbitrary positions paying say $1500 for them. This seems fair to me and will allow people to come in.
To Valenic please stop simply retracting your proposals. Even though some of us may argue against them or try to make suggestions to improve them that does not mean that they would not pass. Even if they are ultimately rejected by allowing that to happen you allow everyone to gage the relative popularity of similar ideas, there is a big difference if something is rejected say 5-4 or 8-1. In my humble opinion the only time you should retract a proposal is if you immediately wish to replace it with another one. Not simply because you have come to the conclusion it won't pass anyways.
In response to M a few ideas (I don't know if they are good ideas, but ideas never the less):
Super SCV's, Railroads, $ printing machine, XP for killing units, benefits for getting levels, random things from other RPG's or Strategy Games, Mines (the explosive kind), Capacity to trade units, turn players into units (I still think this is a good idea even if my version was rejected), command to cause or finish cooldown in other units, ability for SCV's to build forts. I'm hope this is enough to spawn a few ideas of your own.