Re: Proposal #10

by Jeff at 2006-05-17 05:08:42

As Le Roc stated, there is no "deadline" by which I must implement a proposal, nor is there any rule that I have to implement them in the order they are posted. This is because some proposals will be more difficult to program than others. (For example, Proposal #1 will take me at least a few hours to implement, whereas Proposal #2 can be done in around 30 seconds. Proposal #2 will almost surely be implemented before Proposal #1.)

The reason proposals have a 5 day voting period is because players may only make a proposal when they do not already have one that is being voted on. This effectively limits players to making one proposal every 5 days. Ending voting after 3 days would increase the proposal frequency enough to make me go crazy. This game won't be much fun if I can't keep up!