Re: Proposal #52

by Le Roc at 2006-06-04 07:13:06

At the moment squares on the edge of the board are impossible to siege since you cannot occupy the 4 surrounding squares. For example if the square I'd like to siege is square 1 I can occupy neither the west square nor the south square. You might want to add a section stating that if it is always impossible to occupy one of the would be adjacent squares then that square does not have to be occupied for the siege to start.
I don't think we actually own squares at the moment. We merely either have units on the square on not. You might want to clarify ownership, though I think this if easy enough to understand, but if your reposting it anyways might as well.
Another thing which I don't think is important but you might want to think about, if I own buildings that are adjacent to each other neither can be sieged until one is destroyed. Since I won't be able to occupy all squares around either of them.
A square with 1 or 2 units on it presently will last longer then a square that has no units. I presume you were aware of this when you wrote the proposal but it seems a little strange to me.
I do like this proposal though.