Proposal #46

by The Founder at 2006-06-02 04:31:20

I'm pretty sure Jeff's just going to shoot this one down, even if it passes. It just screams to be abused, by proposing not only multiple units/buildings/commands/etc., but entirely unrelated proposals. What's to stop me from making a dozen or more proposals at once under that system? That leads to a huge explosion of rules, meaning things get bogged down on Jeff's end as he struggles to code things as fast as we propose them.

Obviously, you're free to keep this proposal in, but be aware that if it gets passed (and implemented), we're going to run into huge problems. Also consider the combination of this new system and Rule XV.2. Since voting is voluntary, and we can only perform 30 of the same voluntary actions on the same day, if enough people abused the new system enough, we'd get to the point where some proposals wouldn't get any votes at all. For instance, suppose I propose (in different parts), enough copies of a technically mutable but almost impossible to change statement to the effect of "The Founder wins" (for instance, some reference to Fort locations would do the trick at this point). Then you could all vote no to as many copies as you could over the voting time frame, but if you failed to catch even one of the copies that I voted yes to, I'd win.