Proposal #44

by The Founder at 2006-06-01 15:11:43

Um.... just to point out, but Invaders are stupidly powerful and will break the game. Rule XII.6 refers to units being affected by cool down time. The rule that should be referenced is Rule XII.4. Also, even if the reference is corrected, all other units are still affected by that rule. I'm not 100% sure it would work the way it is likely intended, as I see a few ways of implementing it:

a) Invaders are exempt from movement restrictions based on "control." All other units still obey the rule, so a player who previously "controlled" the square cannot move new units in.

b) Invaders are exempt. All other units are now able to move into the same square as an Invader, regardless of who's units already occupy the square.

c) Invaders are exempt. Only the player who already has units/buildings occupying the square may bring non-Invader units into the square. All other player's non-Invader units still obey the "control" block on movement.

Now, I think c is what is intended, but it's not 100% clear from what's been written there (maybe it's because I'm reading it first thing in the morning). I'd appreciate a ruling by Jeff and/or clarification in the proposal. Thanks.