Re: I don't get Proposal #42.

by The Founder at 2006-05-31 16:17:41

I wasn't going to get involved in this anymore, but I have to address the whole "building/unit" definition thing.

Let's look at exactly what would happen if we made buildings a sub-type of unit:

Buildings won't have speed, as Rule XII.2 specifies that they do not.
The Move command is issuable to any unit, which would now include buildings. The cool down time of the Move command is related to a unit's speed.

See any problems? Because I sure do.

Okay, how about Orison of Healing? Now you can heal buildings too, something that was explicitly not allowed originally. Not such a big deal, except Monks aren't Masons, so it doesn't make sense from a style standpoint.

Pledge Service to Dwayna is now issuable to buildings. I can't really see a problem with it, just like Orison of Healing. How a building grows arms and legs and the power to heal is a bit beyond me though, but that's just a style thing.

Now the most obvious work-around is to change those commands to say "non-building unit." But that leads to the same problem as what we have right now, only we have to remember to say "non-building unit" instead of "unit and building."