Re: I don't get Proposal #42.

by Valenic at 2006-05-31 05:20:27

The only difference between units and buildings is that the latter don't move. There is no contradiction, and no need to have to differentiate between units and buildings on a scale grander than unit/building types.

The problem with your dungeons and dragons thing is that there are currently no provisions for players who keep landing on squares occupied by others by no fault of their own. Even if you could read my mind and completely understand this proposal, you probably would still vote it out to prevent future players or myself from becoming a threat. By seizing control of a square, a player otherwise unable to land on an unoccupied square would have the opportunity to build up in time before other players became too powerful for said player to pose any threat.

The value definition is not hard to figure out, really. The value, or total cost of a unit, is returned less the amount as described in the proposal. The 25% award is self-explanatory.