Re: I don't get Proposal #42.

by Le Roc at 2006-05-30 14:33:50

I think I can sort of understand where proposal #42 is going but I'm not sure I like it and it seems very vague to me. Anyways here's what I seem to understand of it.
Basically it seems to me that Valenic is trying to add a way for people whom join the game late (or whom haven't yet bought into the whole units thing) to take over a square. In a very short version the idea seems to be that a player whom has no units can kick all the other units out of a square with the removed units being refunded to the player who owns them. Add more restrictions, some more explanation, some extra defense of the new square and you get the idea. Also when you kill a unit you will get 1/4 of the units purchase price. I think.
That said even assuming the most broad sort of interpretation (which I believe is what Jeff normally uses) and trying to see through the large number of typo's I think the proposal could use a little work.
One issue with this proposal is that it makes no mention of buildings at all. As was discussed earlier (and I made this same mistake) buildings are not units. So a player whom has large numbers of buildings but no units at the moment could invoke seizure. This strikes me as not having been intended. Other potential problems also stem from this general issue.
One additional and significant problem is that at the end of the proposal it states that:
All units owned by a player or players occupying a square targeted by right of seizure are said to be recalled.
(emphasis mine)
They are said to be recalled, but they are not actually recalled. This does strike me as being a real problem even given a very broad reading of this proposal.
Clearing up what you mean in general, fixing the typos, adding an example of how you expect this to work and reposting it would be much appreciated.