Re: Comments?

by The Founder at 2006-05-30 04:47:00

Just my opinion/suggestions, no flame meant:

Yeah, as listed, the ranges and damage values are too high for my taste. I like the concept of splash damage though, but I also like the concept of a new bombard command. Either one works by me.

Maybe beef up SCVs, Monks, etc. (although no need for Warriors, since they'll just serve as the base unit), or tone down the damage. For instance, as is, a Flamethrower one-hits a Monk (even on splash damage), rendering them useless.

Also, I'd prefer decreased ranges: I think 3 should be the most, and that should be rare, given the board size). Plus as I mentioned before, without some sort of restriction, this proposal just screams turtling (even with splash damage).

You'd probably also be best served to propose a few things at once. If somebody doesn't like even one of the units, there's a good chance they'll just vote the whole thing down, unless they think something else is worth it.