Re: Comments?

by Le Roc at 2006-05-30 03:21:33

I had tossed around the idea of doing a splash damage thing. But I figured it would be easier to simply define it as a special "bombard" command or something like that. Rather then a special property on all units.
Also I'm all for more units but you might not want to define so many in a single proposal.
One general comment I'm a little concerned about the amount of range you are giving some of the units. At present the catapult can hit units nearly half a board away. The board is only 10 squares wide. The attack range on the towers of 2 is already actually pretty far in my opinion. With the cool down on movement as it is a tower already gets 2 shots at a warrior before the warrior even get the chance to attack. A catapult that gets to do 4 shorts can be stacked on a single square and does splash damage is going to completely dominate the game I think. Though they do cost a total of $1250 each so they aren't so cheap. Regardless once someone manages to acquire them I think the balance of power will drastically shift. The ability of a person with even only a couple catapults to destroy other players SCV's would be pretty devastating, 3 catapult shots into the same square automatically kills all SCV's in it. You might consider adding that walls provide cover from splash damage or something similar.