Re: Proposal #37

by Le Roc at 2006-05-30 00:29:42

Here's the thing. I'm seeing a lot of what seem to me perfectly good proposals being voted down. There seems to be at present very little good reason to actually vote yes for a proposal. Perhaps people's default position on a proposal at the moment is no caused by fear that the proposal may contain some sort of deception that you are unable to ascertain. Therefore unless you have some good reason to vote yes to a proposal you will vote no. I'm hoping to change that since it will make the game a lot more interesting, and no one likes getting their proposal they worked hard to create being rejected.
Also in regards to your comment about buying votes, I think the last line is actually an important one for other reasons. Without this line some votes would be revealed from the next passed proposal. Since this proposal will pass without people being paid their $50 reward merely having their Winning Votes property set to 1 it creates some base interference for anyone trying to determine votes.