Re: "And we'll all go down together..."

by Le Roc at 2006-05-29 23:49:02

I'm still not sure I agree with you. Jeff if you'd like to comment on if this is a problem or not that would be appreciated.
The reason I figured this would be a problem is that we are all "Moving" not "Jumping". When you jump you go from one square to another without going through the squares between them. However, when you move you do go through all those squares. Ergo, when you move you briefly occupy each and every square, and therefor would trigger things like the duck. Rule VII.6 states "At all times during the game, each player will occupy exactly one square." If you don't occupy each square between the two end points of a move how are jumping and moving any different?
Honestly I'd rather my interpretation was wrong and this wasn't an issue, but I fear the consequences of me being right and this left going unchecked.