Re: "And we'll all go down together..."

by The Founder at 2006-05-29 14:11:10

Rule VII.7: If a player takes a turn or is instructed to "move" to a particular square, the player is said to leave his current square, land on the final square, and pass over each square in between.

Rule XIV.3: If the Rber Ducky ever occupies the same square as one or more players, the Rber Ducky goes berserk and attacks the nearby vicinity with pies. Any players occupying the same square as the Rber Ducky lose 10% of their money to the Bank Account of Terror and are pushed one square forward.

I think you misunderstand how the duck works (at least, I'm pretty sure I do understand :-S ). He only steals money when you occupy the same square as him, something that's not an issue when you move past him. The only thing you need to worry about is moving towards the duck (or having it move towards you), and actually landing on the same square.

We're actually less duck-bait then before, because we can move backwards "behind" the duck, if he begins to close ground on us. Hopefully Prop. 36 passes (it's still got about 30 minutes to go). Then this will be even less likely to occur, because we'll have so much advance warning when the duck "approacheth."