"And we'll all go down together..."

by Le Roc at 2006-05-29 09:05:49

With proposal 32 and 34 having been rejected I just thought I'd point out that we are all presently Rber Ducky bait. The problem is as follows. Retrograde movement does not allow us to go from square 20 to square 1 through our normal turn taking. The Rber Ducky is constantly moving forward. If you take your turn moving backwards towards the Ducky you will end up losing 10% of your cash on hand for each square you try to move beyond when you come into contact with the Ducky (you try to move backwards another square land on the Ducky, the Ducky goes berserk you lose 10% of cash and get pushed forward a square, then you try to move backwards again). Also eventually we will be all stuck on square 20 and eventually the Ducky will come and push us over to square 1 (or a little farther) and will steal between 10% and 41% of our cash on hand. We have time before this occurs the Ducky is only on square 6 but it will quickly become a problem if no one manages to pass a proposal to correct this.
This will become somewhat better if the board size increase proposal passes but the same thing will eventually happen if no one wins the game before then.