Re: Opinions please.

by sluissa at 2006-05-29 02:32:00

"But why introduce a useless ability is my question."

Why Not? What other reason do I need that because I want to?

"Otherwise when someone else defines something you don't like for it, you've got nobody to blame but yourself."

If someone finds one of my hooks good enough to expand upon, I will consider it a complement, no matter what they decide to put there. If it's something bad, the vote SHOULD take care of it anyway. If it's something good, same thing.

"The design space for this game is limited only by our imaginations, so why not use your own?"

Or I could leave it open and see if anyone else can carry something farther than I believe I could. It just to see where someone carries it.

MY question is, Why is it such a bad thing to leave openings for others to add onto? That is the purpose of this game, is it not?