Re: Proposal #37

by Le Roc at 2006-05-28 11:22:15

In response:
1. No a player would not be able to check their own Winning Votes property. I guess it could be nice to know but honestly I don't think its particularly important. I don't feel that this idea alone warrants removing and reposting the proposal, though if I need to repost it for some other reasons then I may incorporate it.
2. Back in Nomopoly 3 we each received an Oven Mitt when we voted yes on a proposal. At that time Jeff was giving people the Mitts without listing it on the history page. I would presume he will do the same thing in this case.
It would be possible by carefully keeping track of all of the cash received and spent by a player to determine when they were paid their $50. I'm honestly not concerned though with people knowing when someone's Winning Votes property decreases, its only when it increases that it really matters. The point is to ensure that people cannot determine what votes people cast on a given proposal in keeping with the spirit of rule IX.8. I believe my proposal manages to reward yes votes (and therefore expanding the game) without making it clear whom voted what way on what proposal. Probably through careful watching a player one could determine if a given player is apt to vote yes or not, in that they could see how often they are given their $50 and make a reasonable guess that if they receive their $50 most of the time then they vote yes a lot. I do not see this information as holding a lot of strategic advantage and even then it would be troublesome to gather and not particularly reliable.
If anyone has any other thoughts please give a reply.