Re: Suggestions please

by The Founder at 2006-05-26 13:45:32

I think larger attack ranges are something to be avoided (maybe 3 at most), just for the sake of keeping the game interesting. Otherwise (assuming the board size increases), players would form massive fortresses of buildings to clog up the board, with a number of catapults in the middle, making that swath of squares effectively impossible to approach. I think we'd be reduced to long-range bombing tactics. At least, that's something I'd do a feasibility study on.

Also, without upgrading current units, those listed above would be a bit too powerful (comparatively). Look at the Zealot for instance: it's strictly better than a Warrior, except with regards to range (for which it ties). Or the Archer, which is also far better than a Warrior. So unless current units are beefed up, or the above units toned down (or appropriately costed, which would more or less put them out of most player's price range for more than one or two), these units would obsolete the Warrior unit. Another alternative is to make the Warrior a base unit type, from which all other units are upgraded to, at varying prices and cool down times.

I think I prefer the second method (upgrading Warriors), but I think the Monk would need a bit of a power boost if it were to remain feasible with those new units. Perhaps boosting Orison to 10-15 HP, and increasing the Monk's health to 40-50 (upgrading any existing Monk's of course)?