Re: Paradox?

by Jeff at 2006-05-22 17:16:06

Actually, I would have to agree with Le Roc on this one. The proposal does in fact create a paradox which cannot be resolved by rule I-3 (no part of the rule explicity states that it takes precedence over another, and the entire rule came into effect at the same time).

However, I will not be pausing the game. If the game was to pause, it should be fairly obvious what my proposal would be: The Name property of units and buildings is a character string, and the game would be in the exact state we all thought it was in already, after a waste of 5 days.

If anyone disagrees with my reasoning and believes the game should in fact be paused, please reply here or e-mail me. If enough players do so, I will pause the game and we will go through the proper sequence of actions for a disruption of gameplay.