CFJ 001

Date evoked: 17/3

Call evoked by: MAX

Claim posed:

Proposal 312 is a proposal that ammends a proposal and is therefore illegal.

Comments by evoker:

Per rule 103
Proposals may only enact, repeal or annemd rules or amendments to rules.
Proposals are not rules or amendments.
Therefore P312 is illegal.

Added Commentary:
The inclusion of Proposals that ammend proposals sets a very dangerous prededent that endangers the continued existance of NeoNomic. Players will never be able to be sure what they are voting on as after their votes are cast anyone may place another proposal to ammend the text they may have already supported. Changing the spirit if not the intent of a proposal is the sole responsibility of the proposer, who should be able to retract it for purposes of ammendment and repropose it (with a new number).

Status: Judge appointed (21/3)

CFJ 002

Date evoked: 22/3

Call evoked by: Gustaf

Claim posed:

It is impossible to report a spelling error more than once.

Comments by evoker:

This is not stated possible, or stated impossible by rule 311, there need to be something said of this.

Status: Judge paged (22/3)