My dear fellow Players,

It is a great honour for me after having visited (briefly) other Nomic-sites hereby to announce the birth of yet another Nomic community. May it live long before clinching the Paradox and may we all enjoy the rulechanges thouroughly!

With the initialisation of NeoNomicon, I have also supplemented the first Proposition ever to be made here --- it is a proposition dealing with the numbering of rules, and as such merely boring and pragmatic and not at all as whacky and funny as the propositions of for example Ackanomic --- but that, I am sure, will come in time.

In my plans (practical, not in terms of rule-propositions, which is as of the current ruleset inhibited) for the future, I include the registration of NeoNomicon mailing list for all the official writings to occur in.

So, with this, I leave you all to Happy Nomicing and proposalwriting!!