Current Ruleset

1. Rules 1 through 99 are immutable. They cannot be amended by Players or repealed by the Moderator. Note that the Moderator may amend an immutable rule in accordance with rule 3. Players however, can clarify an immutable rule. A clarification does not change the force of an immutable rule, it only expands upon its meaning (eg. defining what it is to Win in rule 7).

2. There will be a person known as the Moderator. The Moderator will be responsible for publishing all rules, the complete history of proposals and decisions, and the status of the Players on a weekly basis. In event of irreconcilable differences, the Moderator's word is Law, but he will strive to be as fair as possible within the strictures of maintaining a playable game.

3. The Moderator may amend an existing immutable rule or enact a new immutable rule, starting with number 8, as he sees fit. If the Moderator is considering enacting such a rule or amendment, he will announce it to all players and ask for votes against it. All Players who have submitted a proposal in the week prior to the announcement will have such a vote. All votes must be received within seven days of the Moderator's annoucement. If more then 50% of the eligible votes are against the rule/amendment, the Moderator cannot enact it.

4. All others will be known as Players. Anyone can play at any time. Players may propose new rules, amendments to existing ones, repeals of existing rules, and clarifications of immutable rules at any time. To make a proposal, a Player must send email to the Moderator describing his proposal. The Moderator will then Pass Judgement upon the proposal. The Moderator can accept a proposal, in which case it is enacted immediatly. Or he can reject a proposal, in which case it is not enacted. The Moderator must reject any proposal that violates an existing rule. The Moderator must also reject a rule if he feels that it violates the spirit of the immutable rules. Note that the Moderator is not obligated to reject a proposal that violates the spirit of a mutable rule. If the Moderator rejects a proposal, he will do his utmost to explain the reason for his rejection. This is not to imply that the Moderator needs to justify his Judgements, it is only for courtesy and playability.

5. New rules proposed by Players and accepted by the Moderator shall start with the number 100, thus, all new rules are mutable.

6. If two rules come into conflict, the rule with the lower number shall prevail.

7. The object of Moderated Nomic is to Win.

100. Any Player who makes a Proposal which passes gains five points. Any Player who makes a Proposal which fails loses five points. Scores may be negative.

The Moderator has the duty of keeping track of scores.

101. All Players begin with zero points.

102. All Proposals may contain Comments, which must be unambiguously identified as such, and which cannot become part of the Rules.

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