McNomic Proposals for Cycle 2

Proposal 2.1: McNomic Aesthetics (submitted by Kont)

(** to help clean up wording/typos **)

Under Section III. Titles, add:

2. Mary Kay McNomic

A. One player be assigned to periodically review the Ruleset for typos and to assist in the overall aesthetics of the Ruleset for easier interpretation by current and/or any new players. All suggested changes due to typos or insignificant wording will be submitted to the Moderator in detailed form as to which section and it is under.

(**i.e. to me it's easier on the eyes to always have "Moderator" begin with a capital letter than to have it sometimes be capitalized, and sometimes not be. Although not necessarily a typo, this wouldn't need to be submitted for vote. Or perhaps a "renumbering" as I noticed some things out of sync while reviewing it for typos**)

B. Any player may at anytime submit changes to the Moderator in the form of a proposal to "tidy up" the Ruleset in the event of multiple passages on the same subject.

(** making it a proposal will assure that none of the original idea/wording is lost**)

Proposal 2.2 (Untitled) (Kont)

Under Section: III. Titles, Subsection: A. Definition add:

Any player that has a particular interest in holding a specific position/title can submit an application to the Moderator in the form of a proposal for the Title of the position and description of the duties within.

(** Had something of this nature been intact, I would have "applied" for the position of Mary Kay McNomic**)

The Moderator has the privilege of changing the Title of the position applied for as he sees fit.

Proposal 2.3 Where am I? (Dave B.)

Amend rule I.E.3 so that it states the following:

3. Player changes

a. Deactivation

Players wishing to leave the game must send an EMail to the Moderator with a Subject Line of "McNomic: Deactivation". The Moderator will Deactivate the Player, announcing this change in the Forum.

(** this is quoted verbatim from the Cycle 2 Ruleset, just given a subheading for neatness with the next section **)

b. Modification

Players wishing to change their player information must send an EMail to the Moderator. The Subject Line of the EMail must say "McNomic: Info Change" The body of the EMail must state that the player would like to change one of the pieces of information as required by Rule I.E.2 The Email must also state the current and new information. Upon Approval of the Moderator, the Player's information will be changed and the Moderator will post a message in the Forum informing other players of the Change.

(** I'm writing this because I've decided to use a different email address, and there's currently no mechanism in place to do so. Yes, I could probably just email Mac and let him know, but this creates a mechanism and explicitly allows a person to change their email **)

Proposal 2.4 Enough Is Sometimes Too Much

Modify Rule IV.A.2 Final Proposals by inserting the following paragraph after the paragraph which starts "In addition, each" and before the paragraph which starts "When the deadline for Proposal Submissions has passed":

There will be a limit of 5 proposals per Player which may be submitted during any Cycle. If a Player does submit more than 5 Proposals, the Moderator shall include only the first 5 proposals from the Player for that cycle and shall ignore all other proposals.

(** It's not really a problem now, but later on we could start getting a HUGE number of proposals at once, and I think it's better to have a limit in place before we start having problems **)

Proposal 2.5 The Evil WebPage Designer (Dave B.)

(** Dilbert has Catbert the evil Human Resources director, we have Spiderbert, the Evil WebPage Designer **)

Create Rule III.A.4: The Evil WebPage Designer

a. Description

Through the mechanisms of the Ruleset, there will be a player who will be the Evil WebPage Designer. The Evil WebPage Designer is responsible for choosing the text and background colors used for the "Current Ruleset" web page for each Cycle.

These same colors will be used for the Ballot and Voting Results for that cycle as well.

b. Selection

At the end of the Voting period of each Cycle, the player with the greatest change in Karmic score will be named the Evil WebPage Designer for the next cycle. In the event that two players have their karmic score change by the same amount, the one who is closest to a karmic score of zero shall be declared the Evil WebPage Designer. If two or more players had the greatest change and are equally close to zero, then the previous Evil WebPage Designer shall continue to be Evil WebPage Designer.

c. Notification

The Moderator shall include on the Voting Results for each Cycle the name of the new Evil WebPage Designer.

d. Duties

The Evil WebPage Designer shall inform the moderator within 2 days of the posting of the results what the new text and background colors shall be. He shall do so in an email with the subject heading of "McNomic: New Colors" The email shall clearly state the colors that will be used by using the decimal numbers for the Red, Green, and Blue components of both the background and the text. ( /bsafe_colors.html shows what color codes produce what shade)

In the event that the Evil WebPage Designer fails to inform the Moderator his color choices, the Moderator shall default to a text color of 0,255,0 for the text with a background color of 255,0,255 and a link color of 127,127,127 (** yes, this is UGLY...**)

e. Primary Designer

There shall be no Evil WebPage Designer selected for the Cycle in which this proposal passes. The first Evil WebPage Designer shall be selected after the end of the voting period for the Cycle immediately following the cycle in which this proposal passes. Upon selection of the first Evil WebPage Designer, this paragraph will vanish from the Ruleset.

Proposal 2.6 But I Don't Like Stone! (Dave B.)

Amend Rule II.E Paper, Wood and Stone to the following

1. Descripton

Each Rule in the Ruleset is considered to be either printed on Paper, carved into Wood or engraved in Stone - this status is given after the name of the Rule, in square brackets (eg. "A. Introduction [Stone]").

2. Default for new rules

Whenever a new Rule is enacted, it enacts as a Paper Rule.

3. Automatic Promotion and Demotion

At the end of each Cycle, the Moderator should select a rule at random; if it is a Paper Rule, it becomes a Wooden Rule. If it is a Wooden Rule, it becomes a Stone Rule. If it is a Stone Rule, it becomes a Wooden Rule.

4. Promotion/Demotion by Players

a. Changes

Players may change a stone rule to a wooden rule by vote. Players may change a wooden rule to a stone rule or to a paper rule by vote. Players may change a paper rule to a wooden rule by vote.

b. Proposals

For each rule which is to have it's type modified, there shall be a proposal submitted. No proposal shall modify the type of more than one rule. A proposal which modifies a rule type shall not have any other effect.

(** players are encouraged to vote against rules which appear to have any side effect **)

c. Supermajority

Each proposal to change the type of a rule shall not pass unless it receives a 3/5 majority of FOR votes among those cast. UNDECIDED votes shall not count towards determining the 3/5 majority.

Additionally, the proposal must receive a majority of FOR votes from all the players who vote that Cycle. UNDECIDED votes shall be counted for determining this majority.

Proposal - Simpler Calvinball (Kevan)

(** Simplifying the wording of it all so that future Calvinball manoeuvres can be written concisely and simply, without having to say " announcing this in the "Calvinball" discussion." all the time. **)

To Rule IX.A, replace the second paragraph with:-

Any message to the "CALVINBALL!!!" forum which includes an explicit Calvinball action is taken to signify performance of that action, unless it would be illegal (a Player throwing it when they weren't carrying it, or whatever). This is the only way a Player may perform Calvinball actions.

Repeal the "Catching and Taking" Rule, and enact the following two Rules:-

B. Throwing

If a Player has the Calvinball, he or she may Throw it to another Player. The Calvinball is passed successfully to the cited Player.

C. Pouncing

If the Calvinball is On The Floor, any Player may Pounce it. That Player takes control of the Calvinball.

Proposal 2.8: Grab Wars (Kevan)

Enact a new Rule in the "Calvinball" section:-

?. Grabbing

If the Player carrying the Calvinball has taken no actions in the game for the past ninety-six hours, any other Player may Grab the Calvinball from that Player. The Grabbing player gains Possession of the Calvinball.

Proposal 2.9: Say No More (Kevan)

Enact a new Rule in the "Calvinball" section:-

?. Nudging

A Player may Nudge another Player. If the Nudged Player is carrying the Calvinball, he or she drops it On The Floor. The Nudging Player may not Pounce the Calvinball within the next twenty-four hours.

Proposal 2.10: Karma, Kafka, Krona, Kudos (Kevan)

(** Giving a few more variables to play around with, since there's only so much you can reasonably award or remove Karma for... **)

Rename section V to "Karma, Kafka, Krona, Kudos".

Rename "The Millikarm" to "Measurement", and reword it to read:-

Each Player has a Karma Score (measured in Millikarms, representing a Player's karmic energies), a Kafka Score (measured in Ks, representing a degree of often-unintentional alienation), a Krona Balance (measured in krs, representing wealth) and a Kudos Score (measured in Kudos, representing a Player's power and esteem).

Each of these values are integer numbers, and shall be logged automatically by the Moderator in Rule V.A.1. The list will be ordered numerically with the highest- valued Kudos listed at the top and the lowest-valued Kudos listed at the bottom.

When a new Player joins McNomic, all of eir Scores are set to zero, and he or she is given a Krona Balance of 30kr.

If a Player's Krona or Kafka Score should drop below zero, it becomes zero.

Reword "Tilting the Balance" to:-

At the end of each Cycle, the following adjustments shall be made to each Player's Karma, Kafka, Krona and Kudos values, in the order listed:

------------------------------------------+--------- Action | Result ------------------------------------------+--------- Voting FOR a Proposal that passed | +1 Karma Voting FOR a Proposal that failed | -1 Karma Voting AGAINST a Proposal that passed | -1 Karma Voting AGAINST a Proposal that failed | +1 Karma ------------------------------------------+--------- Submitting a Proposal that passed | +1 Kudos | +5 Krona Submitting a Proposal that failed | -1 Kudos ------------------------------------------+--------- Being the only Player to vote FOR a | +1 Kafka Proposal that failed, or AGAINST a | Proposal that passed | ------------------------------------------+---------

Upon passage of this Proposal each Player's Kafka and Kudos Scores shall be set to zero, and each Player's Krona Balance set to 30kr.

(** For what it's worth, had Kafka, Krona and Kudos been around last week, we'd have ended up with the following results:

Player Karma Kafka Krona Kudos ------ ----- ----- ----- ----- Mac 37 0 45 3 Puzz 26 0 40 2 Id 19 2 40 2 Malaprop 18 0 40 1 Kevan 15 0 50 1 VickiLyn 12 0 30 0 Sed 7 1 30 0 Frank 0 0 30 0 Kont 0 0 30 0 Blue 0 0 30 0 Facade -5 2 30 0

And I'd be happy to keep track of all these Scores, if Mac fancies invoking Rule II.F. **)

Proposal 2.11 Rewriting the Ruleset (Kevan)

(** The current ruleset numbering is something of a nightmare to deal with, particularly when sections randomly split into groups and sublists and everything. As mentioned in the Forum, it'd also be nice if each Rule had its full number next to it, for ease of reference.

For an example of what Section I would look like reformatted, see - I'm quite happy to do this reformatting myself if Mac doesn't feel up to the task. **)

To the Rule "Definition and Jurisdiction [Wooden]", add the paragraph:

Each Rule in the Ruleset has a Section and Number, the former being a Roman numeral and the latter an integer number. Newly enacted Rules are given a Number one higher than the highest existing Rule Number in the relevant Section.

After all other Proposals have been dealt with for this Cycle, renumber the entire Ruleset to fit the above system. Each extant Rule shall keep its Section letter and be given a Number appropriate to its position.

Where one or more Rules are part of a "group" ("The McNomic Forum" and "The McNomic Website" being part of "McNomic Access"), that group shall simply be ignored, unless the group is a rule in itself, in which case it becomes a rule in its own right.

The person reformatting the Ruleset is free to use his or her own discretion in adjusting the layout of the Rules, merging and splitting as appropriate, so long as the actual wording of the Rules is not compromised.

Proposal 2.12 Proposal Merger

(** Formally putting forward the idea of combining the extant "Reactions" and "Proposals" periods into a single thing, allowing Players to submit Proposals earlier if they wish or need to, and giving us less timing to keep track of. Players wishing to discuss ideas before they put them forward can still do so, of course. **)

Merge the "Reactions and Informal Proposals" and "Final Proposals" Rules into the following new Rule ("Proposal Submission"):-

During this period, Players may send Proposals to the Moderator, via private email with a subject line "McNomic: Cycle x Proposals" where "x" is the number of the current Cycle.

Each proposal must have: a. cute little title b. specific description of how The Ruleset will be modified if the proposal passes

In addition, each Proposal may include comments, enclosed in "(??" and "??)" which are not intended for inclusion into the Ruleset, and clarify the Proposer's intentions beyond the language of their Proposal.

When the deadline for Proposal Submission has passed, the McNomic enters an Interlude state while the Moderator composes the Ballot. This Interlude will last as long as it takes for the Moderator to post the official Ballot.

Then replace the question marks in that Rule with asterisks (since my using them in the Proposal would, of course, have been treated as a comment).

Proposal 2.13: Clarity Begins At Home (Kevan)

To the Rule "Ruleset Impact", add the paragraph:-

Proposals always pass in numerical order.

(** Just to make it easier to predict how things are going to mesh together. **)

Proposal 2.14: I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore...

(** A wander from the Evolution idea, which could merge quite neatly with the Countries thing, carnivorous creatures eating indigenous herbivores, and all that. **)

Rename the Section "Player evolution" to "Evolution".

Reword the Rule "In the Beginning ..." to:-

Each Player is considered to be the Overseer of a Species of creatures. Each species has the following traits:-

* Name (any number of words) * Population (an integer number) * Intelligence (an integer number) * Size (an integer number) * Diet (herbivore/carvinore)

When a new Player joins the Nomic, he or she is given a Species with a Name "Species X" (where X is a random four-digit number), a Population of a hundred, an Intelligence of five, a Size of five and a Diet of Herbivore.

Add a new Rule, called "Go Forth":-

Every Monday (at an instant of the Genekeeper's choosing), each Species' Population increases by ten per cent (rounding up).

Add a new Rule, called "Genetic Engineering":-

A Player may, no more than once per week, make an alteration to the Species they oversee, by emailing the Genekeeper with this intention. Valid alterations are:-

* Changing its Name. * Increasing Population by ten per cent (rounding up). * Increasing or decreasing Intelligence or Size by one, unless this would make either value zero. * Altering Diet.

These alterations take effect from the moment at which the Genekeeper processes them.

Add a new Title, "The Genekeeper":-

One Player is named the Genekeeper. The current Genekeeper is:

Player Name: Kevan Delphi Username: Mornington Preferred EMail:

The Genekeeper is responsible for maintaining a record of all Species overseen by Players, and making this information available on a Web page. If there is no Genekeeper, all Species remain static until a new Genekeeper is found.

(** Since there's no mechanic for assigning Titles just yet, I hope nobody will object to the liberty of me giving myself this one, at least for now. I'm the only Player I can be sure wants the post, after all. **)

Proposal 2.15: Power to the People! (Kevan)

(** Giving an incentive to join other people's Countries, rather than everyone just founding their own. **)

If "Karma, Kafka, Krona, Kudos" passed, add the following element to "Tilting the Balance".

------------------------------------------+--------- Ending the Cycle in a Country other than | +3 Karma Limbo, and not being Leader of that | +5 Krona Country | ------------------------------------------+---------

Otherwise in Section VI (The World), enact a new Rule ("Loyal Subjects"):-

If, at the end of a Cycle, a Player is situated in a Country other than Limbo, and is not the Leader of that Country, he or she gains three Karma.

Proposal 2.16: Prodding the Snorers (Kevan)

If this Proposal passes, any Player who failed to cast a vote on it shall have their Karma decreased by twenty Millikarms.

Proposal 2.17 Don't Spill the Beer (Puzz)

To be added number X or higher in the ruleset:

X. Don't Spill the Beer

A. The Game 1. There is in existance in the world of Mcnomic, a 48 oz Pitcher, which contains 17oz of Beer.

2. All Players have an unlimited supply of Beer, however cannot drink any of this Beer unless it is from the Pitcher.

3. The start of the Beer Party will begin with the Moderator, who will either drink from the Pitcher, or pour Beer into the Pitcher, choosing from the following amounts:

a. a player must either pour : 4oz 7oz 16oz 23oz into the pitcher b. or drink: 3oz 9oz 18oz 32oz

4. After the moderator initiates play he will "tag" another player by posting the following:

a. The amount he drank from, or poured into the pitcher b. The name of the next person who is to take a turn.

5. The players shall be called in the order as it appears on the roster in the ruleset.

B. The Karma Effect

1. A player must reply within 24 hours of the time the previous player's turn was posted.

2. A player, upon his turn, must either drink from, or pour into the pitcher, one of the preset amounts, and

"pass it on."

3. In the event a player does not respond within 24 "real time" hours, the play shall be passed on to the next player and the player that missed his/her turn will lose 1 millikarma.

4. Effects of Spilling of Draining the Beer

a. If a player "drains the pitcher" by drinking the exact amount left in the pitcher, he receives 1 millikarm, pours one of the set amts into the pitcher and "tags" the the next player, by posting the name of the next player down on the rostor list , located at the Mcnomic website.

b. If a player "spills the beer" by pouring too much beer into the pitcher, he/she loses 1 millikarm, must drink a preset amt.(listed at the beginning of the game's rules) out of the pitcher and "tag" the next player, by posting the pitcher and it's new amount and the next player on the rostor.

c. If A player "tops off" the pitcher by pouring one of the preset amount, and having it fill the pitcher Exactly to 48OZ, They will receive 2 millikarms, drink one of the preset amounts out of the pitcher, post the pitcher and it's new amount along with the name of the next player on the Rostor list.

(**if the idea of "beer" offends anyone, we can use soda ;) **)

Proposal 2.18 Get Involved! (Puzz)

To be added to the ruleset numbered X or higher:

X. Get Involved!

A. For each Cycle, each Player who does not post at least one question or opinion in the Mcnomic section of Live Games Forum, will lose 2 millikarms.

B. Each Player that votes in a Cycle shall receive 1 millikarm. Each player that does not vote in a cycle shall lose 1 millikarm.

Proposal 2.19 In the Beginning (revised)

Replace rule VII.A: "Upon joining McNomic, all Players are initially considered single-celled organisms."


Upon joining McNomic, all Players are initially considered single-celled organisms, called Eukaryote.

A player can evolve in status by submitting proposals which pass:

0-25 passed proposals = Eukaryote 26-50 passed proposals = Tetrapod 51-100 passed proposals = Primate 101-250 passed proposa1s = Human 251+ passed proposals = Immortal

Each player's status shall be listed in a table, contain within these rules. this table will contain each players name, amount of passed proposals, and their current status.

This will begin in the cycle after the one that passes this proposal and is not retroactive.

Proposal 2.20: Preferred Address Change Request. (Puzz)

Add the following to the Ruleset at I.E.5.

5. Prefered Address Change Request.

If a Player wishes to change their listing of preferred email address they must conact the Moderator, via email, with the subjest line "Address Change Request" with the following information:

1. Player name 2. the new preferred email address

**it had occurred to me that we have no "official" way of changing our emails in the ruleset**

Proposal 2.21: Titles Revisited (Mac)

(** This is a LARGE proposal. I'm sorry about that, but given what I am trying to accomplish, I had to spec the whole thing. **)

Remove Rule II.F, Delegate, Delegate.

(** If this proposal passes, II.F. starts feeling uncomfortable to me. **)

Add the following text to the end of Rule III.A Titles, Definition:

Some Titles were in existance prior to the enactment of this language. New titles will be created via the Proposal and Voting processes described elsewhere.

1. Offices

Some Titles, by their nature, will imply that only a single Player may hold them and such Titles may also be referred to as Offices. Each Office description in section III.D (Defined Titles) will include the identity of the current Officer.

2. Honors

Some Titles may be acquired by any/all Players; such titles may also be referred to as Honors. Each Honor Description in section III.D (Defined Titles) will include a list of current Honorees.

Insert as III.B (following Rule III.A Titles, Definition) the following:

III.B. Acquisition

1. Granted upon Enactment

Titles may be awarded to specific Players by the language of the Proposal through which they are enacted.

2. Granted for Achievement

Honors may be awarded to Players who fulfill requirements stated within the Rule that defines the Honor.

3. Elective Office

a. Initialization

Newly enacted Offices which describe themselves as being Elective Offices, and those Offices which do not specifically define how they are initially filled, will be enacted as Vacant; the Moderator is free (but not required) to assume that Office's responsibilities while proper Elective Procedure is carried out.

b. Elective Procedure

i. Nominations

Upon the enactment of a Vacant Office, or the announcement of a Vacancy within any given Office, Players are free to nominate themselves for the Office, by openly stating their desire in a posting to The Forum. Nominations will be accepted until the end of the Period in which the initial Enactment is empowered or the Announcement of Vacancy is made, and the Moderator may discresionarily extend that period as a result of late-period Vacancy Announcements. Elections will commence the following Period

(** This will give us something else to do during the seemingly useless Period 1.**)

ii. Compiling the Ballot

If an Election is pending, the McNomic will enter an Interlude state between Periods (even if one is not already defined) during which time, the Moderator will create and Post the Election Ballot.

iii. The Election

A. Uncontested Nominations

Elective Offices with only one Nomination will immediately be awarded to the sole nominee.

B. Contested Seats

Players will vote ONCE in The Forum for the Nominee of their choice during the Period which follows the Nominations Period.

At the end of that Period, during an Interlude (which will occur even if not defined elsewhere) the Moderator will Tally and Post in the Forum the result of the vote.

The Elected Player will assume the rights and duties of the Office upon inception of the next Period.

In the case of a tie, the Office will be awarded to the Player who nominated himself first.

C. Vacating Office

Officers wishing to vacate an Office may do so by stating their intention openly in the Forum, causing the current Period (or the following one, at the Moderator's discression, should that make more common sense) to become a Nomination Period for that Office.

Insert Header III.D "Defined Titles" as the Section Header preceding the Individual Title Descriptions.

(** This is such a whopping proposal that I think I had better see if it passes before I start suggesting new Titles. Plus, I think it will be more interesting next Cycle if interested Players submit conflicting proposals about how to Office-out the various responsibilities. I have very concrete notions about what I will propose, but for me to do so now, on the presumption that this monster is gonna pass didn't feel quite right. **)

Proposal 2.22: Ruleset Aesthetics (Mac)

(** This is in direct response to Kevan's renumbering schemes in a desperate attempt to preserve this cumbersome outline structure of which I have grown so fond. **)

Add the following paragraph to the end of Rule II.A (Ruleset, Definition and Jurisdiction):

A "Named Rule" is any Ruleset heading which has been given a name prior to the text to which it refers. While Players are encouraged to Refer to Rules in Proposals based on the currently enforced numbering scheme, uniquely Named Rules may freely be refered to by name alone. (** We have a few Rules named "Definition", for example - Proposals should strive for greater clarity when referring to such Rules. **)

All Named Rules will be displayed within the Official Ruleset Posting with their full Hierarchical "Path" numbering.

(** For example:


II. The Ruleset A. This B. That C. Some other thing D. Custodianship 1. Responsibility

would be revised as follows:

II. The Ruleset II.A. This II.B. That II.C. Some other thing II.D. Custodianship II.D.1. Responsibility

I feel this addresses Kevan's "ease of reference" concerns, while preserving the Outline Hierarchy. **)

In the Named Rule "Paper, Wood and Stone", replace the initial phrase "Each Rule" with "Each Named Rule which presides over actual textual Rule Language"

Add to the end of the first paragraph of this rule the following text: "This characteristic is referred to as "Materiality", and Named Rules subject to this distinction are referred to as "Material Rules"

(** Given the current state of the Ruleset, "Custodianship" would be considered a Named Rule, but not a Material one because it contains no text of its own. **)

Proposal 2.23: Matter, AntiMatter and ItReallyDoesn'tMatter (Mac)

Insert at the end of II.E a subsection 1 as follows:

II.E.1. Antimatter

The tables or lists maintained within the following Rules, by virtue of their obvious potential fluidity, are NOT subject to materiality as defined in this section, II.E: Paper, Wood, and Stone. Any text which is included in the Rule in which the table or list appears has materiality; the table or list itself does not.

a. Rule I.E.1: Active Players Roster b. Rule I.E.4.a: Getting a Big Brother c. Rile V.A.4: The Karma Chart

(** Just being fussy here, but clearly potentially dynamic charts are not candidates for being carved into stone. **)

Proposal: 2.24 The Country Without a Man (Mac)

(** This is a frivolous Proposal which I am making because the name amuses me. **)

Add to the end of Section VI. The World, add section C, as follows:

VI.C The Country Without A Man

If, as a result of Travel, any Country (other than Limbo) finds itself without inhabitants, said Country will immediately cease to exist, and no NEW country may use it's name. If the Ruleset contains any language applicable to only that country, such language will also promptly vanish.

(** I don't like the idea of creating new countries on an hourly basis and then just leaving them behind, vacant. Someone is propbably going to have to maintain some sort of list of countries; I don't think it needs to be trashed up with a lot of empty countries. **)

(** Note from the Moderator: Although the following Proposals fail to provide formal instructions for Ruleset Modification, it would appear that their intent is to be inserted or appended to Rule IX, Calvinball. In the future, I would appreciate it if Players would adhere to the Proposal structure specified in Rule IV.A.2. Also, please submit proposals as plain text - these arrived with unprintable characters in them that I had to go thru and remove. **)

Proposal 2.25: IX.B. Successful Pass (Malaprop)

Modify the last sentence to read "The Calvinball is passed successfully to the cited player upon the occurrence of a legal Calvinball action on the part of the cited player, within all time constraints as noted."

(** The previous statement in the ruleset assumed a successful pass regardless of whether or not the receiving player actually received it. This will allow for the possibility of unsuccessful passes. **)

Proposal 2.26: IX.B.1 Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy (Malaprop)

A player may not under any circumstances pass the Calvinball directly back to the last player that passed the ball to them. If this rule is broken, the ball is considered "fumbled".

(** This is to resolve the possibility of two players ‘hogging’ the ball and collecting points by passing the ball among themselves. **)

Proposal 2.27: IX.B.2. Three Little Pigs (Malaprop)

A player may not under any circumstances pass the Calvinball to the player who passed the ball to the player who passed the ball to them. If this rule is broken, the ball is considered "fumbled"

. (** This is a continuation of the preceding proposal, and is intended to make it so that 3 players cannot join in a conspiracy to hog the ball. If four players were to do this it would be possible, but I think restricting it further would be quite onerous. I include this proposal separate from the previous one because I am not sure if people wish to take the restrictions even this far, although I think it would be a good idea. **)

Proposal 2.28 IX.C. Dropping the Ball (Malaprop)

If a Player has the Calvinball, he or she may place the ball on the floor by announcing this in the "Calvinball" discussion. Once the post has been made, the Calvinball is considered to be On The Floor.

(** Previous to this, there has been no legal way for a player to place the ball on the floor. The only defined legal action was to pass the ball. **)

Proposal 2.29: IX.D. On The Run (Malaprop)

The ball, once passed to an individual, is considered to be "on the run" with that person until they pass it. If an individual does not pass the Calvinball or perform some other legal action with it within 24 hours of the post giving the ball to that player, then the ball is considered "fumbled".

(** There was much discussion about how to consider a ball "fumbled".I think the only reasonable way to do it is by timing. If somebody has come up with a better way, I will happily vote for their proposal over mine. **)

Proposal 2:30: IX.E. Interception (Malaprop)

1. Players may attempt to intercept the Calvinball. This is done by posting a message declaring the intent to intercept the ball. This message may be posted at any time. If, in the course of that single round of play during which the interception attempt was made, the ball does is indeed fumbled, the interception attempt is considered successful. If the ball is instead legally passed between players without being fumbled, then the interception attempt is considered unsuccessful.

(** This little bit allows for players to ‘guess’ who will fumble the ball, and then preemptively strike out for interception. This of course comes with the risk that the player will actually play the ball, resulting in a loss of points if a proposal dealing with points for this occurrence is passed. **)

2. If two players have bid for interception of the Calvinball, the player who has posted first has priority. All subsequent posts for interception are considered failed. 3. In the rare case of two players attempting an interception simultaneously (by Delphi post time), and the ball is legally dropped or fumbled, both interceptions are then considered failed, all subsequent posts for interception are also considered failed, and the ball then resides on the floor. 4. Players may not, for any reason, retract an attempt to intercept the ball.

Proposal 2.31: IX.F. Passing the Gnarly, Red, Leathery Calvinball (Malaprop)

1. When performing any legal action upon a ball when it is in the player’s possession, the player must add an adjective to the description of the ball. This list of adjectives is cumulative and must be repeated completely in each legal action of the ball

Legal words are any words that can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary.

(** Thus if you are passed the ‘gnarly, red, leathery Calvinball’, you must pass the ‘gnarly, red, leathery, dog-drool dripping (or any other adjective) Calvinball’. **)

2. If this rule is not followed, the Calvinball is considered "fumbled" and is available for interception or pick-up by any player as allowed by the relevant rules.

3. If a player accepts and acts on a ball in play that has been "fumbled" (i.e. does not notice that there has been a fumble or break in the rules), then that player is considered a "co-fumbler" and takes on all penalties attributed to being a fumbler. This does not remove any penalties given to the original fumbler.

4. The set of adjectives associated with the Calvinball is reset whenever a new proposal submission cycle ends.

Proposal 2.32: IX.G. Calvaries (Malaprop)

1. Any and all points gained or decremented to players in the movement of the game "Calvinball" shall be tallied as Calvaries. This is separate and unique from all other point systems within the McNomic. Calvary totals shall be posted on the McNomic web site.

2. All new players begin the Calvinball game with zero points, however zero may be defined within the McNomic ruleset.

3. Upon institution of this rule, all players are considered to have zero points, however zero may be defined by the McNomic ruleset. This paragraph will be deleted after this initial setting of points is completed.

Proposal 2.33: IX.H. On The Run for Points (Malaprop)

1. If a player fumbles the ball, they will be decremented 5 Calvaries.

2. A successful pass is worth 2 Calvaries for the passer and 2 Calvaries for the receiver. A pass is considered successful when one player passes legally to another, and the player receiving the pass then performs some legal action upon the Calvinball (e.g. passes it to another player, places the Calvinball on the floor, etc.).

3. A successful interception is worth 5 Calvaries.

4. An unsuccessful interception results in the failed interceptor being decremented 3 Calvaries. All players attempting to intercept who fail are decremented the same amount.

5. Placing the ball on the floor is worth 1 Calvary to the player who placed the ball on the floor.

6. Removing the ball from the floor is worth 1 Calvary to the player who picks up the ball. Removing the ball from the floor is not considered an interception.

Proposal 2:34: III.A.4. The Tallymaster (Malaprop)

4. One player is named the Tallymaster

a. Responsibilities

i. The Tallymaster shall be responsible for keeping accurate tabs on all points defined in the McNomic ruleset. They will work with the Moderator to obtain vote results, review the posts to oversee other point gaining activities, and etc. as required to keep an accurate tally of any and all points in the McNomic.

ii. The Tallymaster shall submit point lists to the Moderator in a manner agreed upon by the two such that the Moderator can post these results on the web site in a timely fashion.

(** I figure this will take shift some of the burden of being the Moderator as we add more rules and more points for things like evolution and Calvinball, just keeping track of those totals is going to become a burdensome job all in itself. Any way we can relieve Mac from some of that I think is a good idea. **)