This is a different breed of wargame. There are no rules! Well, not initially. This game will be a colaboration project by any and all of the participants. To moderate this I have developed a modified Imperial Nomic ruleset. I also run a version of this game. The changes instituted create a strict division between the rule making portion of the ruleset and the Fantasy Wargame ruleset of the sub-game. If you've never played a nomic, not to worry, the goal is not to win a game of nomic, but to create and playtest a new dynamic war gaming system.

Here's how things will work: Proposals for new game rules will be sent to me. People who are part of the collaboration project (that is, anyone who wants to participate -- referred to as Imperial Senators), vote on whether or not the rule should be added to the ruleset. If a proposal passes, I get one last chance to veto the proposal if I feel that fails to meet the level of gaming I wish to see. I either Accept or Reject a proposal based on its merit, functionality, and accuracy and if it is Accepted, it becomes a new rule -- either into the Moderation Rules (if the proposal is administrative in nature) or into the Wargaming ruleset (if the proposal deals with the Wargame sub-game, ie, maybe it adds a new combat procedure or changes a poorly written magic design rule). Those who have participated in my games before have found that I'm pretty laid back on how I accept/deny rules. To the right are some things I'm looking for in the game and guidelines that will get a proposal accepted or denied.

Once enough rules are available to begin the sub-game, play will open to collaborators and to lurkers who wish to join. Rule changes will still be able to be done. As each game is completed and won, the game will get a little more detailed and better than the last version.

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Goal, Ideas, and Aim
The goal of this Fantasy Wargame Project is to create a detailed wargame involving military, economic and political strategy completely (well almost) desined by the players themselves. Generally any proposal will be accepted as long as it fits within certain guidelines: The goal of this Imperial Nomic/The Last War game is to create a detailed wargame involving military, economic and political strategy. Generally any proposal will be accepted as long as it fits within certain guidelines:

Tech Level: Medieval/Fantasy in nature. Magic is ok. No Tech Level higher than usual Fantasy source materials available.

Military: Military units should fall into 4 major categories -- Infantry, Artillery, Calvery, & Special. Many variations and sub-groups can be made from these but should all default to the above.

Mapping & Terrain: To me one the most important aspects of this project. First of all the maps should be LARGE (world-size). Also, I'm looking for pseudo-random mapping so that entirely new worlds are created at each interval of the game. Terrain should be determined by some of the following criteria: Weather (another aspect of the game I wish to see), water to land ratio, latitude/longitude, and neighboring terrain.

These are my must haves. Of course, its not to say if a proposal will be denied if it doesn't fit with the above. If you make a good argument for it, then I'll generally accept it.

Here are some game ideas that would be good to see. Others can definitely be added to this list and they don't all have to be included either:

Basic Sciences
Trade Routes
Sea Trading/Sea Exploration
Weather (almost a must for accurate combat)

Just a few ideas to get started with. Phew! Thats about all I have to say on the subject. I welcome you to this project and I hope you will join our group in creating a new PBeM.