An Administrative Copy of the Ruleset (mostly complete):

Format: the submitter of each rule (if other than Geppetto) appears in parentheses at the beginning of the rule, and visible sections appear in bold.

REPEALED: 0. (Orjan) Z Rule: Every new proposal must contain z, that is, the letter whose number in the English alphabet is 26. (Name specified by da boss.)

1. Containment Rule: Any action not explicitly permitted in the rules is illegal.

2. Game Joining Rule: A person becomes a player by notifying da boss via email that he wishes to do so.

3. Gameplay Rule: A player plays this game by submitting to da boss, via email, game-related actions or proposals for rule changes. Da boss will respond to the submitting player, and only the submitting player, with the results of the actions or proposals submitted.

4. Feedback Rule: If an action or proposal is illegal, the player submitting the action or proposal will be informed of the number of the rule the action or proposal violated.

5. Rule Secrecy Rule: It is illegal to divulge any of the rules to players and squiggles.

6. Repealing Rule: It is legal to repeal rules if the rule is visible or if the player can state the content of the soon to be removed rule.

7. Judging Rule: Da boss will evaluate each proposal submitted and either rule it illegal, accept it and change the rules accordingly, or reject it on the grounds that it is either destructive or inconsequential to play.

8. Game Seeding Rule: For each five rules created as a result of player-submitted proposals, da boss will create an additional rule.

9. Boss Rule: Da boss is

10. Containment Rule: It is illegal to propose the creation of a new rule if there exists a 70th or higher-numbered rule.

11. Modifying into Illegality Rule: It is illegal to propose modifying an existing rule to make it conflict with another existing rule.

12. Total Replacement Rule: It is illegal to propose replacing the entire contents of an existing rule.

13. Rule Numbering Rule: Rules are numbered uniquely and sequentially, with new rules taking on the number of the highest numbered existing rule plus one.

14. (Pabrowil) Player State Rule: Each player's state must br made available to that player. If he is a squiggle, the word "squiggle" will appear after his name on the player status page. (Name specified by da boss.)

15. (Orjan) Jumpstart Rule: Geppetto may make proposals like any other player, following the same procedure. He must do so at least once per week, making his best effort to comply with all rules governing proposals by ordinary players, until at least two ordinary players have succeeded in having proposals adopted. (Name specified by da boss.)

16. (Orjan) Rule State Rule: Whenever a rule is amended, repealed or created, Da Boss will inform all players of the respective change, and the number of the affected rule. (Name specified by da boss.)

17. (Pabrowil) Item Rule: Players may possess items. (Name specified by da boss.)

18. (Pabrowil) Photon Rule: A Photon is an item. Players receive three Photons from Da Boss for each accepted proposal. (Name specified by da boss.)

19. Collective Effect Rule: If a proposal is in violation of a rule because of another rule, all rulesL related to the violation will be listed in the response to the proposer.

20. (Pascal) Player List Rule: Da boss shall provide, upon request, a list of all players. (Name specified by da boss.)

21. (Joe) Directive Counting Rule: Each player's game-related directives are to be quantified, with per-player counts made available to all players on a weekly basis. (Name specified by da boss.)

22. (Orjan) Player Numbering Rule: Every player (including Geppetto) has a number, which is the order in which e became a player, starting at 1. (Name specified by da boss.)

23. (Orjan) Playability Indicator Rule: Da boss shall publish the number of rules that are absolutely unmodifiable through legal player directives. If this number is nonzero, the name of the game shall be changed into Blind Not-a-Real-Nomic. (Name specified by da boss.)

24. (Moonchilde) Rule Naming Rule: All rules must have a name. If the proposal specifies the name for a rule, then the rule will be known by that name if it is accepted. Da boss will give a name to any rule that doesn't specify its own name.

25: Squiggle Rule: Every player begins the game as a squiggle.

26. (Moonchilde) Crumb Request Rule: Any proposal may request a piece of currently hidden game data to become public as long as the piece of requested data does not reveal all game information about the data. (Name specified by da boss.)

27. (Moonchilde) Head and Tail Rule: The Rule Status page will show the first and last words of the text of each rule. (Name specified by da boss.)

28. (Moonchilde) Stating the Obvious: If a player can state (correctly) the details, but not necessarily the wording of any rule, that rule becomes public knowledge and the stating player is given 5 photons. This rule will take precedence over any other rules about revealing information.

29. (Moonchilde) Time to Think Rule: A player may not make more than 4 guesses at a given rule within a game day.

30. (Moonchilde) Lighting Effects: The amount of Photons a player has shall be public knowledge and recorded on the Player Status Page.

REPEALED 31. Seniority Rule: It is illegal to propose a rule that claims precedence over existing rules.

32. (Moonchilde) Proposal Limit Rule: A player may submit no more than 4 proposals in a game day.

33. (Moonchilde) The Escape Clause: Should there ever be one or fewer active players the game shall be declared dead. An active player shall be defined as someone who has submitted an action or proposal within 14 game days. No inactivity shall be counted from any time before this proposal is accepted. Should the game die in this fashion, the winner will be the player with the most Photons at the time of the death of the game.

34. (Moonchilde) Sanity Savings Time: A Game Day is defined as the 24 hour period from 12:00AM in the real-life time zone of da boss until 11:59PM on the day following.

35. (Pabrowil) Date Stamp Rule: If available, the latest date that a rule was changed (created, amended, et cetera) will be shown on the Rule Statue page with that rule. (Name specified by da boss.)

36. (Moonchilde) Light Wave Rule: A player starts the game with 3 Light Waves, and will acquire one light wave for every 5 accepted directives.

37. Anti-Photon Rule: It is illegal to propose a rule that declares any number of photons, in and of itself, to be a victory condition.

38. (Moonchilde) Baring All: If at any time, a player causes, through action or directive, the last hidden rule to become revealed, the game shall end, and the player that took the action or made the directive shall be declared the winner.

39. (Moonchilde) Cheesy Endings Ban: Any proposal which causes the game to be won merely by its acceptance shall be an illegal proposal. (Name specified by da boss.)

40. (Moonchilde) Let There Be Light: The number of lightwaves a player has shall be displayed on the Player Status Page.

41. (Moonchilde) Your Honor, A Point of Order: A point of order is a legal action. Points of order are either accepted by Da Boss, or rejected by da boss with no explanation given. A point of order is defined as a message from a player noting something the player feels is incorrect about the display of the status pages or information thereon. Since Points of Order are not Directives, they cannot be illegal.

42. (Pabrowil) No Offense Taken Rule: There shall never be an obvious penalty for a non-accepted proposal. (Name specified by da boss.)

43. Directive Rule: A "Directive" is defined as any action, proposal, inquiry, etc., meant to yield any game0relative result, with the exception of a point of order.

44. (Moonchilde) Unsquiggling Rule: A player who has 5 directives in a row rejected shall no longer be a squiggle. (Name specified by da boss.)

45. (Moonchilde) Prodigal Rule: A player must be a squiggle to perform an action other than proposing a new rule. (Name specified by da boss.)

46. (Moonchilde) Guess Cost Rule: The action of guessing a rule shall have an associated cost of 1 photon. If the guess is correct the player will be awarded 2 photons.

47. (Moonchilde) Green Stamp Rule: A player may convert LightWaves into photons at a rate of 1 light wave into 7 photons and vice-versa. (Name specified by da boss.)

48. Creating Illegality Rule: It is illegal to propose a rule that is in conflict with an existing rule.

49. Internal Seniority Rule: If two existing rules conflict, the rule with the smallest number has priority.

50. (Orjan) Zodiac Rule: Puzzles. together with their solutions, may be submitted to da boss, who may accept or deny them. Any player except the submitter may guess the solution of a puzzle. If the guess is correct the player shall earn 1 photon. All accepted puzzles, and whether each has been solved or not shall be published on a web page to be created with the title of Zodiac. (Name specified by da boss.)

51. (Moonchilde) Automatic Exchange Rule: In order not to penalize players too harshly, if a player is ever required to pay photons of light waves and does not have them available, and the player does have enough photons or lightwaves such that a conversion from one to another (if such conversion is legal by other rules) would suffice to allow payment to occur, then the conversion will occur automatically and the player will be notified that is has occurred. (Name specified by da boss.)

52. (Moonchilde) Bankruptcy Rule: Should a player ever be unable to pay even after any automatic conversion of photons to light waves (or vice-versa), then that player shall be penalized by being given the status of 'Bankrupt', and the player will no longer be a squiggle until squiggleness is recovered through means defined in the rules. (Name specified by da boss.)

53. (Daniel Knapp) Handout Rule: Every day, da boss shall choose at most five words (and at least, zero) from the ruleset and reveal them. (Name specified by da boss.)

54. (Moonchilde) Sampler Rule: Every fifth word of every rule (ie: the 5th, 10th, 15th etc.) shall become visible if it is legal for that word to become visible. Nothing shall happen if a rule has less than 5 words. (Name specified by da boss.)

55: Resquiggling Rule: If a participant in the game ceases to be a squiggle, he shall once again become a squiggle upon acceptance of any directive submitted by him.

REPEALED 56. (Moonchilde) Rule Rule: In order to be legal, every new rule must utilize the word "rule" as the final word of the rule. (Name specified by da boss.)

57. (Moonchilde) Word Count Rule: Each rule on the rules page shall show the number of words in that rule. (Name specified by da boss.)

58. (Moonchilde) Black Box FX Rule: Four times per game day per rule, for a cost of 3 photons each time, a player may cause to be revealed publicly the first hidden word that is legally allowed to be visible, in that player's choice of rule.

59. (Moonchilde) No Filibuster Rule: Any directive which makes it implssible for other players to submit directives shall be an illegal directive, with the exception of directives that satisfy a victory condition rule. (Name specified by da boss.)

60. (Moonchilde) No Hypocrisy Rule: Any rule which determines legality of new directives must, in its own directive, follow the conditions which are defined in that rule. (Name specified by da boss.)

61. (Moonchilde) Exemption Rule: A rule may exempt itself from the precedence rules by specifying that it overrides a given rule. The new rule is illegal if the specified exemption doesn't relate to the new rule. (Name specified by da boss.)

62. (Moonchilde) Word-Search Rule: If a player can state exactly the word and the word number of any given word in a rule, then that word shall be revealed. The action of this rule is exempt from the visibility constraints of the 5th rule. It is illegal to exercise this rule more than 2 times per day per rule. (Name specified by da boss.)

63. (Pabrowil) Bribe Rule: 7 Photons owned by "Q" (any player of Blind Nomic) may be exchanged (by a directive) to declare the next proposal authored by "Q" exempt from a specific rule. (Name specified by da boss.)

64. (Pabrowil) Not So Special Rule: A proposal may not be simultaneously exempt from more than one rule. (Name specified by da boss.)

65. (Moonchilde) One Entry Per Envelope Rule: One or more game actions may be contained within a directive as long as the directive doesn't create more than one rule. (Name specified by da boss.)

66. Acceptance Rule: A directive is considered to be "accepted" when it is successful in what it directly and overtly is attempting to accomplish. If multiple actions are contained in a directive, all actions must be successful for the entire directive to be considered accepted.

67. (Moonchilde) Each and Every One of All Rule: Every new rule must have as the first word one of the following words: every, each, one or all. (Name specified by da boss.)

68. (Moonchilde) Stand Up and Be Counted: Each player on the player status page shall now show the number of rules that player has created. The action of this rule is exempt from rule #3.