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Rule 402/3(m) : Office of the Treasury Minister
The Treasury Minister is an elected Official whose duties consist of:

1. Paying Official's salaries from the Treasury.
2. Preventing the Treasury from going into debt.
3. Submitting a turnly report on relevant matters to the mailing list.

The Treasury Minister, at eir discretion, but no more than once per turn, may:

1. Mint new Subers in an amount not to exceed 20% of the total Subers already in play, to be placed in the Treasury.
2. Authorize the destruction of Subers, to be removed from the Treasury.

The Treasury Minister shall receive the standard salary for each full turn e holds Office.

0. Created by Proposal 402, 15 January 1999
1. Amended by Proposal 443, 4 February 1999
1. Clarified by Judgment 59, 14 February 1999
2. Amended by Proposal 444, 15 February 1999
2. Clarified by Judgment 60, 6 March 1999
3. Amended by Proposal 470, 14 April 1999

Rule 417/0(m) : Spivak Pronouns
The following table entries, known as Spivak pronouns, shall be understood to take the places of the standard English pronouns whose table entries they occupy. Where two pronouns, the male and female, are replaced by a single Spivak pronoun, the Spivak pronoun shall be understood to refer to both genders.

[[Example: "e" refers to both "he" and "she".]]

First Person
Second Person
Third Person

[[This proposal shamelessly stolen from Mueller's Nomic.]]

0. Created by Proposal 417, 25 January 1999
0. Clarified by Judgment 72, 26 April 1999

Rule 418/0(m) : Forfeit of Property
Upon eir forfeit, a departing player's property and Subers are donated to the Treasury.
0. Created by Proposal 418, 25 January 1999
Rule 455/0(m) : Statute of Limitations
A Judgment may not undo actions that occurred more than two turns prior to its corresponding Request for Judgment. All such actions are to be considered legal and in accord with the Rules.
0. Created by Proposal 455, 14 March 1999
Rule 463/2(m) : Fora and Public Actions
Fora are arenas in and methods by which Players may communicate. Fora may be public or private. Players receiving communication from or sending communication to a forum are considered to be in that forum.

Actions may be taken only in public fora, unless otherwise specified in the rules. Creation of a public forum if there are no extant public fora need not be public.

Only the Administrator may designate fora as public, and only if said fora are reasonably accessible to all Players. Specifically, all Players must either be notified of or subscribed by the Administrator to new email fora before they may become public. Only the Administrator may designate previously public fora as private, and only if such changes do not eliminate all public fora. The Administrator must notify ten days in advance all Players using or subscribed to a public forum before redesignating it as private.

The Administrator may redesignate fora at any time.

The Administrator must, in a timely fashion, maintain and make available to all Players a list of all public fora.

0. Created by Proposal 463, 3 April 1999
1. Amended by Proposal 539, 16 July 1999
2. Self-amended, 16 July 1999

Rule 465/0(m) : Secret Ballot
All Eligible Voters may cast votes on current Proposals by sending eir votes in an email to the Administrator.
0. Created by Proposal 465, 3 April 1999
Rule 466/5(m) : UPCs and the GRAND PRIZE
A Player receives one UPC for each failed Proposal for which e voted favorably but did not propose. UPCs are distributed at the appointed time for proposal scoring.

UPCs may be traded among Players in integer units, though no Player may ever have less than zero UPCs. Players may turn in their UPCs with their ballot upon voting for Proposals. UPCs that are turned in are fed to Osborn's Demon, this causes them to be destroyed just after the voting resolves.

The GRAND PRIZE is an eligible voter. If no UPCs are turned in, there is no GRAND PRIZE for that ballot.

The GRAND PRIZE votes the same as the Player who turned in the most UPCs.

If no Player turns in more UPCs than all the other Players, the GRAND PRIZE shall vote as do a plurality of the Players turning in equally the most UPCs.

If there is no plurality, the GRAND PRIZE does not vote for that ballot and all players recieve eir UPCs back on that proposal before Osborn's Demon can consume them.

The GRAND PRIZE votes an infinitesimal amount of time before proposal voting resolves.

[[Void where prohibited. Available while supplies last. Not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. Participation may vary. Check stores for details.]]

The Grand Prize is a playerlike entity.

0. Created by Proposal 466, 3 April 1999
1. Self-amended, 3 April 1999
2. Amended by Proposal 509, 15 May 1999
2. Clarified by Judgment 86, 25 May 1999
3. Amended by Proposal 521, 16 June 1999
4. Amended by Proposal 531, 6 July 1999
5. Amended by Proposal 533, 6 July 1999

Rule 472/1(m) : Stark Fist of Removal
The Stark Fist of Removal is an entity that, immediately upon the reduction of a Player's slack to less than zero (0), smites said Player.

A smitten Player is prohibited from being the Recipient of eir own slack transfers.

If ever a smitten Player's slack is greater than zero, that player ceases to be smitten.

0. Created by Proposal 473, 13 April 1999
0. Clarified by Judgment 74, 13 April 1999
0. Numbered by Administrative fiat, 13 April 1999
0. Clarified by Judgment 73, 16 April 1999
1. Amended by Proposal 506, 15 May 1999

Rule 473/3(m) : Slack and Pinkness
Slack is a player attribute. Each Player begins the game with 20 slack. Players that enter the game after it has officially started receive 20 slack.

A Player may transfer slack from one Player, hereafter known as the Victim, to another player, hereafter known as the Recipient. Slack may only be transferred between Players in the amount of one unit per transfer. Each Player may make only one slack transfer per turn.

Players possessing less than five (5) slack must be referred to in all list correspondence as a "pink," or some variation thereof. [[E.g., Josh is a pink.]]

Only Players may possess slack.

0. Created by Proposal 473, 13 April 1999
0. Clarified by Judgment 73, 16 April 1999
1. Amended by Proposal 476, 23 April 1999
2. Amended by Proposal 508, 15 May 1999
3. Amended by Proposal 567, 4 October 1999

Rule 483/0(m) : Aliases
A Player may make a proposal that e shall also be known by an Alias, and said Alias may be used in all references to that Player within the game of Beserker Nomic.
0. Created by Proposal 483, 3 May 1999
Rule 493/0(m) : Public Contracts
Players may agree to Public Contracts. A Public Contracts must be stated publicly and be identified within the statement as a "Public Contract." A Public Contract is no longer valid when all Parties of the Public Contract hae publicly stated that it is no longer valid. Valid Public Contracts have the force of Rule for all Players who are Party to the Public Contract.

Players becomes a Party to a Public Contract by publicly declaring that they are a Party to a Public Contract identified by its assigned number. Public Contracts may have no direct efect upon Players who are not a Party to the Public Contract.

Public Contracts are assigned positive integers starting with 1 (one) and progressing by increments of 1 (one). Public Contracts have less precedence than all rules, but more precedence than all Public Contracts assigned a lesser number.

0. Created by Proposal 493, 3 May 1999
Rule 499/0(m) : Thelma Charity Fund
There shall be an entity in Beserker Nomic known as the Thelma Charity Fund. Players may donate any item [[slack, UPC, Subers]] that they are in possession of to the Fund. This donation may be made at any time, except during the voting period. They may donate any non-negative amount to a maximum of 25% of the items or property. After the voting period has ended, but prior to the beginning of the next turn, the administrator will distribute all items and property within the Fund as follows:

1) The Player with the least amount of that particular item will receive the entire amount of those items in the Fund.

2) If there are two or more Players tied for the least amount of a particular item, then the administrator will split it evenly between the qualifying Players, with any leftovers remaining in the Fund.

3) Unique items may not be donated to the Fund.

0. Created by Proposal 499, 15 May 1999
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