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Proposal 457 : 18 March 1999, 18:48 CST : Joel Uckelman : Inactive
1. Create a Rule with the following TAX delimited text:


A percentage of each player's Subers will be collected as tax by the Treasury each turn during dead time. The tax rate may range over the interval [0, 1]. {{The tax rate for the first turn during which this rule is in effect shall be set at 0.05.}}


2. Create a Rule with the following TAX delimited text:


The Assessor is an elected Official whose duty it is, during a turn, to set the tax rate for the next turn. If no tax rate is set for a turn, the Treasury Minister must set a tax rate.

The Assessor shall receive the standard salary for each turn e holds office.


3. Create a Rule with the following SPEND delimited text:


The Appraiser is an elected Official whose duty it is, during a turn, to set the standard and judges' salaries, proposal and opposed minority voting dividends, and proposal failure and judges' fines for the next turn. If all of the above are not set for a turn, the Treasury Minister must do so.

The Appraiser shall receive a nonnegative turnly salary to be paid from the Treasury and to be determined by the Treasury Minister. If the Treasury Minister and the Appraiser are the same Player, the Appraiser receives no salary.


4. Create a Rule with the following SPEND delimited text:


The projected disbursements in Subers for the Treasury for the next turn shall be equal to (standard salary for the next turn)(number of standard salary recipients in the current turn)+(proposal dividend for the next turn)(five turn rolling average number of proposals per turn on which votes were taken).

The standard salary and proposal dividend must be set such that the Treasury’s projected disbursements for the next turn do not exceed the funds held by the Treasury at the time when said values are set.


5. Add as the last clause of paragraph 1 of Rule 402, and number accordingly:

"Setting and paying the Appraiser's salary from the Treasury."

6. Replace all instances of "scoring" in Rule 202/4 with "payment".

7. Amend Rule 204/2 to read:

"If and when rule-changes can be adopted without unanimity, the Players who vote against winning Proposals shall each be paid an opposed minority voting dividend from the Treasury."

8. Amend Rule 206/0 to read:

"When a Proposal is defeated, the Player who proposed it is pays a proposal failure fine to the Treasury."

9. Amend Rule 208/2 to read:

"The winner is the first Player to possess (4/p)% of the total extant Subers, where p equals the current number of Players."

10. Replace "shall be penalized 10 points" in Rule 216/2 with "shall pay a judges' fine to the Treasury".

11. Amend Rule 222/3 to read:

"When a Proposal passes, the Player who proposed it shall be paid (proposal dividend)(favorable votes on the Proposal/total non-neutral votes on the Proposal)."

12. Strike the second sentence of Rule 226/0.

13. Strike the first clause of the second paragraph of Rule 309/4 and renumber accordingly.

14. Strike the phrase "including scores" in Rule 317/2.

15. Amend IV.B of Rule 318/2 to read:

"B. A GWIB cannot in any way interfere with or modify the voting and judging procedures of Berserker Nomic; explicitly, a player may not be denied votes or forced to vote in a certain manner based on a GWIB; nor may a player be forced to judge a statement in a specific way as a result of a GWIB."

16. Delete "score" as a player attribute.

17. Strike the first paragraph of Rule 347/3.

18. Replace "points" in Rule 349/0 with "Subers".

19. Replace "50 points" in Rule 357/0 with "100 Subers".

20. Replace "3 points" in Rule 390/0 with "a judge's salary".

21. Amend the second paragraph of Rule 347/3 to read:

"Each Player, including Players entering a game in progress, begins a game with 1000 Subers."

22. Create the following RESET delimited rule:


{{All Players have exactly 1000 Subers.}}


23. Change all pronouns in the above amended rules to their spivak-compliant forms.

24. Create the following AMNESTY delimited rule:


If a Player possesses insufficient Subers to pay a fine, the unpayable portion of the fine is forgiven and need not be payed.


Proposal 535 : 04 July 1999, 01:05 CDT : Joel Uckelman : Inactive
(1) An event is a change in the game state.

(2) An action is an event directly caused by an agent.

(3) An entity is a separately identifiable game element.

(4) An agent is an entity capable of directly causing events.

(5) Players are agents.

Proposal 558 : 23 August 1999, 20:54 CDT : Matt Kuhns : Inactive
A player may propose that he or she be transferred from the person that player currently represents (Person A) to another person (Person B) who is not currently represented in Berserker Nomic by another player. If both Person A and Person B consent to this exchange in a public fora (as defined by R463), the player will represent Person B, and Person A will be without representation in Berserker Nomic. The player's identification will be changed to Person B's real human fore- and surnames or eir email address if eir real name does not uniquely identify em within the game; all of the player's other attributes will be unaffected.

Proposal 559 : 23 August 1999, 17:05 CDT : Jeff Schroeder : Inactive
Change Rule 307 to read:

A quorum for Proposal voting purposes is a simple majority of eligible vote-casting entities.

If a quorum has not cast votes by the end of a Proposal voting period, the Proposals which were up for voting neither pass nor fail, but are held over for the next turn and remain active.

Proposals which require unanimous consent will fail if any eligible vote-casting entity casts a vote equivalent to a "no" toward the Proposal. On that condition, the Proposal will disregard the quorum and will not remain active or be held over for the next turn.

Vote-casting entities eligible but failing to cast votes during the voting period shall have their votes recorded as automatic abstentions.

Proposal 566 : 26 September 1999, 00:52 CDT : Josh Kortbein : Active
Between the two existing paragraphs in rule 564, add the following paragraph:

In compensation for this, Matt Potter forfeits all slack, that currently held and any future slack which any player (including himself) attempts to transfer to him. Said slack shall be given to the Thelma Charity Fund immediately.

Proposal 571 : 20 October 1999, 21:02 CDT : Josh Kortbein : Active
Josh Kortbein, Jeff Schroeder, and Tom Plagge are the winners.

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