[Turnly Foreign Minister's Reports]

21 January 1999, Tom Mueller

Berserker became the charter member of the Inter Nomic Treaty Organization (INTO) on Jan 11 1999. Berkserker players subscribed to INTO's mailing list and recieving The Heroic Ear as of this report are Josh Kortbein, Joel D Uckelman, and Thomas Plagge. Players are encouraged to subscribe by sending email to Majordomo@muppetlabs.com with a body text of "subscribe internomic".

Berserker's entry prompted much discussion but little action. Ackanomic and Agora have indicated that they are in isolationist phases.  "Theos" announced its presence and joined INTO on Jan 14 1998 when former Berserker player Nicholas C Osborn announced himself to be that nomic's speaker and delegate to INTO.

Most discussion has focused on the basic feasibiliy and issues surrounding war and trade between nomics. Many hold the position that these things are simply impossible because individual nomics may come to certain conclusions that are in opposition to other nomics' beliefs and there would be no way to resolve these issues. Others are not so sure, but offer no striking counter examples (perhaps because there have never been any and it would take significant work to get to write something up).


Nick has announced the existance of "Mononomic" and "Theos" although public rulesets for either of these nomics have not been publicized very effectively. It is rumored that Berserker player Thomas Plagge belongs to Theos. He has requested various relationships with Berserker, but in the absence of solid offers (or at this point even information about the sort of nomic we would be forming treaties with) they have not been persued.

He's just plain crazy. :)


A proposal in both Ackanomic and Berserker is being dealt with in each nomic. Little Berserker response has been registered, but Acka has offered at least one proposal "just in case" which will take effect before the turn is up a second time for us (but that we could beat out with proposals submitted for this turn).

Acka's proposal says:

Proposal 4016
In the Name of Self-Defense
Due: Mon Jan 25 16:20:51 1999

If proposal 4014 passed, amend rule 1-0-1 to read as delimited by

There exists a distinct outside world full of things which are not rule defined but nevertheless affect this game. Human beings are and have
traditionally been such things. Other nomic games are these things as well when a system for their effects exists.

This is a rule in the game of Ackanomic and Berserker Nomic. Moreover, it is the same rule in both nomics. If a change is made to this rule in Ackanomic, then it is a duty of the Speaker to announce the change in Berserker Nomic, at which point the change is made to the rule in Berserker Nomic as well. Berserker Nomic may not change this rule. If this rule conflicts with another rule on any topic, including this sentence, this rule takes precedence.

So much for peace. If peaceful relations ARE to be established (assuming the passage of the initial linking rule, which seems doubtful in both nomics) then we would need a quick rule-based kill of Acka's proposal and the establishment of some peace oriented system... An olive branch proposal so to speak.


Agora is not likely to have many relations with Berseker in the near future, not being involved in INTO and being generally isolationist currently. My subscription to their mailing list prompted minor discussion regarding ethics and their application to this situation. Several players indicated a belief that it was not ethical but should be done anyway.

I have since determined that what I am doing is not unethical and besides, Agora is just too fun to watch to unsubscribe.

Of strategic note is a brief discussion wherein an Agoran outlined a method of invasion. See, Agora has a defensive system where their Speaker can make any Proposal into a Senate Proposal which means only old players can vote on it. But it would be possible for new players to get elect their own Speaker-Elect and then hold a rule sponsored rebellion which would cause the normal 6 month Speaker term to be interupted and the newbie sponsored Speaker to get into power. Then Agora's defensive Senate system would fail because the newbie sponsered Speaker wouldn't make anything a Senate Proposal (plus if that kind of coordination was in operation, it would enable the newbies to install themselves in a variety of powerful [and Voting-Token-salary rich] offices).


I want to talk to you today about the evils of capitalism. I mean, yakedy YAKety! If there is one thing that really sticks out in all the discussions in INTO and in Berserker, it was a general failure of everyone to realize that not only was Marx the One True Philospher who spoke truth beyond question, but he was a God, too. Tie your shoe.

Let us rise up with our Chiapan and Cuban brothers and generally lower our standard of living! Let us glory in pig vomit!

N' Stuff.