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Cooperation and Defection

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Here is an attempt to record the most recent two cooperations or defections by each player on each other player. I limited my records to decisions that directly affect score or who wins. The previous record of just the most recent decisions was of no value in analyzing for "tit for two tats."

This isn't a complete table yet.

Matrix of Decisions

By/On Allan John Ed Dan Mike Mark
D, voted to defeat 302



D, voted to defeat 305
C, voted to enact 301
D, voted for 306
D, sustained judgement on 307


D, declared all winners
D, declared all winners
C, voted to enact 305
C, voted to enact 301

D, declared 307 enacted


D, declared 307 enacted

C, voted to enact 305




C, voted to enact 305

D, judged 306 defeated
D, voted against 307
D, judged 307 defeated


C, voted to enact 305
D, judged 100 sided die illegal

C, voted to enact 302

C, voted to enact 303


C, voted to enact 304

Editor: Ed McGuire
Created: November 27, 1996
Revised: July 25, 1997