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Nomic [Hof86] is a game of law-making created by Peter Suber. Like other games, the rules govern the object and play of the game. In Nomic, changing the rules is a move. Play begins with an initial set of rules.

Pokey was begun on September 13, 1993 with five players, Hofstadter's edition of Suber's Initial Set, and some initial judgements establishing conventions for e-mail play. As the name suggests, the historical rate of play is slow. There have been periods of apathy. As of July 10, 1997, the initial game has still not ended. However, the game now proceeds apace. Turns 1-11 are complete.

There are currently 5 players. Players are accepted by consensus. People desiring to join the game are now being placed on a waiting list due to the wishes of current players. Apply if you are willing to write one message per day. For more information, please contact Ed McGuire.

Pokey 2 is a second game begun on March 17, 1997. Players are sought for Pokey 2. See the Pokey 2 Homepage for information.

[Hof86] Hofstadter, Douglas R. Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern. New York: Bantam Books, 1986.

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