NtM: Current Rules

1. Minimal Office Holders

The Game of Nomic: The Masquerade shall always include at least two not necessarily distinct players who are office-holders: The Prince (TP) and The Humble Scribe (THS). The initial holder of the post of TP and THS is Quiet One.

2. How to Play

A Proposal is submitted by completing the supplied form [Submit a Turn] whereupon the Proposal will be sent to THS. Similarly, a Point of Order may also be submitted [Submit a Point of Order]. A person becomes a Neonate (new player) at the submission of their first Proposal or Point of Order.

3. Responsibilities of The Humble Scribe (THS)

  1. Any proposal received in the appropriate manner by THS must be considered before being passed on to TP for acceptance.
  2. THS may rewrite a proposal to clarify its meaning, as long as the rewriting does not alter the meaning.
  3. THS must publish, via the World Wide Web, the initial set of rules, and the current set of rules.
  4. If a player has submitted one undecided proposal and then submits a new proposal, the new proposal will replace the oldest of that player's undecided proposals.

4. Responsibilities of The Prince (TP)

  1. TP will judge each proposal submitted and accept, reject or ignore it. To ignore a proposal, the condition by which it is ignored must be explicit elsewhere in the ruleset. Acceptance of a proposal by TP and at least one of the Elders will bring it into immediate effect by way of addition or modification of the current rules.
  2. TP may, at any time, modify or remove any existing rule or enact new rules with the support of at least of of the Elders.

5. Appeals Mechanism

Any player may, at any time, submit a Point of Order to raise any issue relevant to the game.

6. Application of Rules

  1. Each rule will be numbered, and each rule will apply to all others.
  2. When several rules apply at the same time, the rules are applied from lowest to highest number as far as possible without conflict.

7. Winning the Game

The game ends when one player, other than Quiet One, achieves the title of The Prince.

8. The First Tradition: The Masquerade

You must not reveal your true nature to those not of the Blood.

9. The Second Tradition: The Domain

All others must respect the player who owns the domain which they are in. No one may question the word of another whilst in that person's domain.

10. The Third Tradition: The Progeny

You may only Sire another with permission from TP.

11. The Fourth Tradition: The Accounting

Until your progeny are Released they are your responsibility.

12. The Fifth Tradition: Hospitality

Honour one another's domain.

13. The Sixth Tradition: Destruction

The right of destruction of one of the Blood belongs to TP alone.

14. The Haunted House

  1. The playing area in which the players start is a haunted house, containing a ghost, witches, green iguanas, werewolves, bats, and other stuff. It is ten rooms by ten rooms on the ground floor and basement, 8 rooms by 8 rooms on the first floor, and has two towers forming the second floor; each of 4 by 4 rooms. Players start downstairs, in random locations.
  2. Any person may leave the haunted house by means of the front door. When they leave they are in a small town, so they must keep the masquerade. The town is cammarila run so all rules apply.

15. The Primogen

  1. The Primogen is a group of players that advise the Prince. The Prince picks his primogen from the current players. Once a player is picked to be a member of the primogen he will be known as an Elder. There must be at least two Elders at all times. No more then 10% of the players may be Elders after the required two.
  2. An Elder may renounce his seat among the primogen at any time by submitting a point of order stating such, at which point he is no longer an Elder and the Prince must select a new member of his Primogen.
  3. If the Prince wants to destroy one of the blood, remove, change or enact a rule he must have the support of at least one of the Elders.

16. Inhabitants

  1. Witches: The witches in the house can make potions to aid any player who asks for their assistance. They may or may not help at their discretion. They will always charge a fee for their help. They are scared of the werewolves and the ghost, but like the iguanas.
  2. Werewolves: The werewolves may attack the players. If bitten by a werewolf, a player will become furry. However, they will not become werewolves and they will only have normal fur. Players who drink the blood of a werewolf, will gain an immunity to attacks from werewolfs. The fur of a werewolf is very magical. Werewolfs are scared of the ghost.
  3. Green Iguanas: The green iguanas are cute, loveable, and generally wicked. They are friends with all, and werewolves will follow them in fascination staying one room away so as not to scare them. However, should an iguana be hurt, the witches will gather in a single room, and cast a powerful curse upon the player who hurt it. The werewolves will also attack that person if they come within one room of them. Iguanas are scared of the ghost.
  4. Ghost: The ghost is a powerful wraith who used to own the house. His spirit will roam until he has his revenge on the prince.
  5. The Prince: All living creatures are scared of the prince.
  6. Bats: The bats are part of the Clan Nomic and are all called Nomic, which can be very confusing. Instead of a normal batish sound, they squeak 'Nomic'. They are untouchable. If a vampire harms a bat the entire Clan Nomic will plot and scheme, and within one week they will have lured the culprit into a terminal situation. Beware the Bats of Nomic!
  7. The Kindred: The kindred do not react well with acid.

17. The Hunters

  1. The Hunters are a group of humans who know about vampires, werewolves and the like. They want to remove them from human society, and know how to kill them.
  2. The Hunters know that the haunted house contains werewolves. They know the danger of entering the house, and so will not, but they keep a round the clock vigil to ensure no werewolf leaves the house. They do not know of the presence of Vampires in the house. If anyone leaves the house, they will assume them to be werewolves and shoot them with silver bullets.
  3. If a Hunter is killed, a point is scored.

18. Clans

  1. There exist several clans, both within the bounds of the Camarilla and without. Each player who is of the Kindred must belong to exactly one clan at any given time. Any player whose clan is not readily discernable is considered a member of the Caitiff clan.
  2. Camarilla clans:
    Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue
  3. Non-Camarilla clans:
    Democratia, Republicat, Libertaria, Geekish
  4. "Non-Clan" clans:
  5. Nomic is a clan which only bats named Nomic may join. They may make any vampire an honorary Nomic Bat, but only if they save the life of a Nomic Bat or help revenge a hurt Nomic Bat.

19. Turnyness

All players may do up to five different things per turn. These may be any of the following:

  1. Submit a proposal.
  2. Move one room.
  3. Attack a creature or player in the same room.
  4. Pick up/ drop stuff.
  5. Perform a dance.
  6. Use a power.
  7. Feed a bat in the same room.
  8. Pet an iguana in the same room.
  9. Join or leave a clan.
  10. Eat/drink/sleep.

20. Moving

  1. All creatures may move one square per turn. Creatures may not go diagonal across the grid.
  2. Creatures may only go up or down at the following (locations specified by TP):
    1. Stairs
    2. Escalators
    3. Lifts
    4. Holes
    5. Web-Ways

21. Iguana Habits

  1. Iguanas eat guano (bat shit). The oil within this substance does keep their scales healthy and their joints supple but they dislike it so much that they turn green after eating it. This is why an unhealthy iguana does not look green. Should an iguana be kept away from the droppings for long enough it will turn red and vomit lots.
  2. Iguana vomit is a highly corrosive acid.
  3. Should anyone wish to attract an iguanas attention, they need only offer it some guano. However, to become truly friendly with an iguana, the players will need to offer them a tasty alternative to guano, which is still healthy and oil rich.
  4. Iguanas do have sensitive stomachs and will die if fed food which they are allergic to.
  5. There is rumoured to be a legendary iguana who turns purple when denied his dose of bat shit.
  6. There are initially five iguanas on each floor, except in the towers where there are none. They will not move between floors unless moved by someone.
  7. All iguanas will move one square in a random direction every time a proposal is received by THS.

22. Reality and Physics:

  1. The Haunted House obeys the Laws of Physics. Nothing can affect the Haunted House without obeying the Laws of Physics.
  2. All creatures in the house, except werewolfs and ghosts, must obey the Laws of Space-Time Continuity.
  3. Outside of the Haunted House the Laws of Physics and the Laws of Space-Time Continuity do not apply. Hence outside is infinitly large.

23. Transdimensional Werewolves

  1. Werewolves can move through time and space freely and hence can move to any point in the house almost instantly. They will behave as an animal and attack any player who comes too close. However, since they are transdimensional and free of space-time, creatures 'too close' to them could be anywhere in the house.
  2. Werewolfs mostly move on random dice rolls made by the THS every time a proposal is accepted. THS will roll dice to randomly select a room in the house, then the chosen werewolf will appear in that square.
  3. Werewolfs will not move randomly if there is a person in an adjacent room. If a person is in an adjacent room the werewolf will move to that room and attack them.
  4. There is a werewolf brought in to existence within the house every time a poo is sent in, up to a maximum number of werewolfs equal to the number of this rule.

24. The Power of Five

All proposals must now include the number five in some form.

25. Mecha-Wolfy

  1. If three werewolves are ever in the same room at the same time, they wil join together to form Mecha-Wolfy.
  2. He shall move around the house in exactly the same way as a normal werewolf, but will attack any player who is within 5 squares of his location by moving through space and time straight to their location.

26. Hit Points

  1. All Kindred start the game with 5 Hit Points. Kindred can regenerate Hit Points at a rate of 1 per blood point spent, but can't regenerate Angry damage. Angry damage can only be regenerated by a potion made by the witches. If a Kindred ever reaches 0 Hit Points and has 0 Blood Pool he is said to be in a state of Torpor, and can only be revived by giving him 2 points of Mech-Wolfy blood or by the witches casting a powerful spell.
  2. Werewolfs start the game with 4 Hit Points. They regenerate 1 hit point every time they move, but they cant regenerate angry damage. If a werewolf ever reaches 0 hit points he is said to have "lost the Were" and becomes a normal wolf.
  3. Mecha-Wolfy has 12 Hit Points and can regenerate angry damage. If Mecha-Wolfy reaches 0 hit points something happens but no one knows for sure what, because a Mecha-Wolfy has never been beat up.
  4. Witches have 3 Hit Points, and can only heal themselves with the potions they make. If a Witch reaches 0 hit points they become a wraith.
  5. Iguanas have 2 Hit Points, and dont regenerate. They die if they reach 0 hit points.
  6. Bats have 1 Hit Point. They die to if they reach 0 hit points.
  7. The Wraiths have no hit points.
  8. No one knows how many hit points hunters have becuase no kindred has ever left the Haunted House.

27. Blood Pools

  1. All creatures have a Blood Pool Equal to there initial hit points but only the kindred can use this Blood Pool for special purpuses. Blood Pools regenerate just like Hit Points in all Living things. If a living creature ever has a 0 Blood Pool they are said to be Drained and act as if they had 0 hit points. If a Kindred reaches 0 Blood Pool he enters a state of frenzy and makes one random move per turn untill he reaches a room with another creature in it and then attacks it and sucks its blood.

28. Damage

  1. There are 2 types of damage, damage and angry damage.
  2. If a vampire attacks another creature he can do 1 hit point of angry damage, with his claws. He can also drink blood from creatures which gives the vampire +1 to his Blood Pool up to his initial limit but does not hurt the victim.
  3. Werewolf attack causes 1 hit points of damage.
  4. Mecha-Wolfy attack causes 3 points of angry damage.
  5. Wiches can't attack but can cast spells.
  6. Iguanas cant attack but there vomit causes 1 HP of angry damage.
  7. Bats can bite causing 1 point of damage.

29. Bat Guano

Bats will shit every turn at a rate of one shit per bat per turn. There are five bats. These shits will not be noticable by players as as soon as they appear the starving iguanas come, eat and leave, leaving no trace. In the game the amount of guano will have no affect other than to feed the iguanas or, in its absence, not feed them.

30. Ancilla

After a Neonate has 5 proposals accepted and made rules, he is recognized as an up and comiming Kainite by his elders. His status is then upgraded to Ancilla.


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