NtM: Points of Order

please note that these are ~NOT~ rules.... merely things that TP, THS or a player would like to bring to peoples' attention ....

No: From: Title: Point of Order:
10 Doverspike Rules Conflict Rule 27. Blood Pools is in clear violation of rule 24. The Power of Five: " All proposals must now include the number five in some form."

[no it is not mr doverspike: a proposal and a rule are two different things. proposal 24 which covered the creation of rule 27 included the number 5, even though rule 27 itself does not. - TP]

9 Fire Bunny Map The players need a map and since it is TP's house, he should design it. The designs should then be made known to the players by THS.
Remember to include a grid system.

[damnit, i'm a lord of fucking darkness, not an architect ... - TP]

8 Fire Bunny Rule 14 In rule 14, the floors are refered to as basement, ground, second and third. Either this should be basement, ground, first and second, or it should be clarifyed that there is a first floor which is unspecified.

[point taken. rule 14 adjusted with primogen's consent, according to rule 15 - TP]

7 Bean Bearradair Just a matter of clarification: Rule 16, part v. states that "all living creatures are scared of the prince." This not intended to include any of the Kindred, I assume. Am I correct in my understanding?

"Living" is just so potentially subjective.

[i certainly consider myself, and all other kindred, to be undead, and hence not 'living' in this context - TP]

6 Fire Bunny Required Items A map of the house is required.
Starting locations for all players are required.
At the top of the Players Page, the first line starts with i and this should be a capital.

[i'm currently leaving the map down to the players, and hence starting positions. you are quite right that one is sorely needed. as for the spelling on the players' page: it was intentional, and consistent with the other nomic pages (so there.. *grin*) - TP]

5 The Prince Declaration: In accordance with accepted modifications to Rule 2, all players, with the acception of Quiet One, Wyldshaman and Fire Bunny are declared to be Neonates.
4 The Prince Declaration: In accordance with Rule 15, section 1, Wyldshaman and Fire Bunny are declared to be members of the Primogen.
3 The Prince Declaration: To clarify the rules in the face of proposals currently under cosideration, I, TP, hereby delcare the following modification to the current rules:
Addition to Rule 4: Responsibilities of The Prince (TP), section 1: Acceptance by TP of a proposal brings that proposal into immediate effect by way of addition or modification of the current rules.
2 The Prince Titles: When submitting a proposal, all players are requested to submit a title for the new rule proposed, or state the title of the rule currently in existence to which their proposal refers. Thus all current rules will have titles, and Rule 14 has been titled 'The Haunted House' by THS. This is ~not~ a rule, and may be over-ridden by any proposal. In the meantime, THS will title any proposals creating new rules which are not supplied with a title by the proposal's author.
1 The Prince Rules Ammendment: The wording of Rule 14 and its subsequent parts has been changed very slightly to clarify its meaning.


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