NtM: Initial Rules

1. Minimal Office Holders

The Game of Nomic: The Masquerade shall always include at least two not necessarily distinct players who are office-holders: The Prince (TP) and The Humble Scribe (THS). The initial holder of the post of TP and THS is Quiet One.

2. How to Play

A Proposal is submitted by completing the supplied form [Submit a Turn] whereupon the Proposal will will be sent to THS. Similarly, a Point of Order may be also be submitted [Submit a Point of Order]. A person becomes a Player at the submission of their first Proposal or Point of Order.

3. Responsibilities of The Humble Scribe (THS)

  1. Any proposal received in the appropriate manner by THS must be considered before being passed on to TP for acceptance.
  2. THS may rewrite a proposal to clarify its meaning, as long as the rewriting does not alter the meaning.
  3. THS must publish, via the World Wide Web, the initial set of rules, and the current set of rules.
  4. If a player has submitted one undecided proposal and then submits a new proposal, the new proposal will replace the oldest of that player's undecided proposals.

4. Responsibilities of The Prince (TP)

  1. TP will judge each proposal submitted and accept, reject or ignore it. To ignore a proposal, the condition by which it is ignored must be explicit elsewhere in the ruleset.
  2. TP may, at any time, modify or remove any existing rule or enact new rules.

5. Appeals Mechanism

Any player may, at any time, submit a Point of Order to raise any issue relevant to the game.

6. Application of Rules

  1. Each rule will be numbered, and each rule will apply to all others.
  2. When several rules apply at the same time, the rules are applied from lowest to highest number as far as possible without conflict.

7. Winning the Game

The game ends when one player, other than Quiet One, achieves the title of The Prince.

8. The First Tradition: The Masquerade

You must not reveal your true nature to those not of the Blood.

9. The Second Tradition: The Domain

All others must respect the player who owns the domain which they are in. No one may question the word of another whilst in that person's domain.

10. The Third Tradition: The Progeny

You may only Sire another with permission from TP.

11. The Fourth Tradition: The Accounting

Until your progeny are Released they are your responsibility.

12. The Fifth Tradition: Hospitality

Honour one another's domain.

13. The Sixth Tradition: Destruction

The right of destruction of one of the Blood belongs to TP alone.


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