NtM: Examples

here's a few examples for nomic: the masquerade, so that things may be a little clearer....
[these are examples ... they do not necessarily exist in the game]

example proposal:

another example

player A submits a proposal as follows:

"i) all players must declare to THS the clan to which they claim allegance.
ii) the clans are; Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, and Ventrue."
this proposal is then accepted by the prince and is added to the rules, it becomes rule 14, say. THS sends out an e-mail to all players stating that they ~must~ declare what clan they belong to, with or before their next proposal...

player B submits a proposal the same turn, before THS's e-mail reaches him. player B does not declare what clan he belongs to, because he doesn't know that he's supposed to. THS may refuse to pass on the proposal to TP, because no clan has been declared, or TP can refuse to consider the proposal for the same reason. most likely though, TP would be kind and consider it anyway...

example of a point of order:

another example

player C submits a POO (Point of Order) as follows:

"dear TP:
in rule 14, i believe THS has made an unfortunate error.... 'allegance' should read 'allegiance'.
signed: player C."
this is an example of a poo pointing out a simple typo, but it could be used to point out rules conflicts, raise suggestions, beg for mercy... whatever. its generally a good idea though to write them in a nice, kind way so that TP looks on them favourably....
as a result of this poo, rule 14 would be changed to the correct spelling, but it otherwise would not affect the game....

example proposal refusal: player B then submits the following proposal:

"the Caitiff is a clan available to players in addition to those already stated in rule 14."
this proposal might be rejected by TP because the caitiff are clanless, by their very definition. whilst rules can be proposed and made that contradict "rules" or ideas in vampire: the masquerade, nomic is supposed to be based on it, and at least stick vaguely to the ideas...

if the player had suggested that Geovanni or Assamite become a clan, then it would probably be accepted, and that clan added to this list in rule 14.

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