Issue 5, May 3rd 1995



(by Luke Schubert ((the Surreptitious)))

This last week has seen more 340-ified Proposals - and the adoption of some of the first of their ilk. In fact, according to sources, some of those Proposals passed were not intended to be passed by certain of those who voted for them ... Hopefully none will cause long-term effects, and all may be repealed if so desired. As this issue goes to press, we are still unsure as to which (if any) of the Proposals to amend or repeal Rule 340 have been adopted.

The mailing list recently has seen much discussion on whether the `f-a' part of Rule 403 is a good thing. Personally, I think that in conjunction with the results of Rule 340, it has had some unintended effects: as mentioned above, a few of the so-called `corrupted' (340-ified) Proposals have been passed, and others had unanimous votes FOR them, failing to be adopted only through not meeting quorum! Will we see people who vote FOR all Proposals indiscriminately in the future?

The competition begun in Issue 3 of Thring Weekly has closed; now the winner(s) must be determined. A flood of last-minute entries ensured diversity of competitors; I believe that almost all entries come from Thring Players, which might make awarding prizes a little easier for yours truly. Later in this issue is the complete list of submitted slogans (still anonymous) and the rules for voting for your favourites.

Also in this issue: another Speaker's Corner column, and another not-really-Forgotten Proposal. Apologies for the lateness of this edition: my fiancee graduated on Tuesday, so I was rather busy yesterday ...

Speaker's Corner

(by Adrian Corston (Thring Speaker the Second))

I was looking for "epithet" in a thesaurus recently, and this is what I found:

epithet n see 1 slander 2 swearing 3 word

slander n calumnity, dirt, innuendo, insinuation, libel, malediction, personality, scandal, [...] smear-word, byword, epithet, pejorative, slur, smear [...]

I never realised it had such negative connotations!

Competition: Full List of Slogans!

The Thring Slogan Competition has now closed. There have been 33 slogans received; now the best slogan must be chosen by you, the readers of Thring Weekly (who may or may not be Players or Observers of Thring Nomic).

Here are all the slogans:

1. Even better than the real Thring!

2. THRING: The 'Half-baked Rule Interpretation' Nomic Game.

3. Thring Nomic, a great way to score!

4. Thring Nomic - where mystery player X, mystery player X and mystery player X all get together and wonder what the hell that Proposal really said.

5. Mystery Player X judges Thring to be the Thing.

6. A Thring a day keeps the Ph.D. away.

7. Follow the Yellow Thring Road.

8. Nothing beats a Thring.

9. Some Thrings are better than others

10. Thring - His Rule Is No Good.

11. Arabian nights, random discrimination, great story telling, Jokers, Rooles; where else but Thring Nomic!

12. It's the Real Thring!

13. Don't get caught without your Thring.

14. I'd rather be scrubbing boats. Thring.

15. Square up and play Thring!

16. Just Thring it.

17. Somethring to think about

18. THRING: That "Holeproof Rule" Isn't Necessarily Guaranteed.

19. Thring Nomic - a game with epithets.

20. (on a Thring Nomic badge:) Thring Nomic: I voted AGAINST 340.

21. All I want to do is Thring.

22. You can get it talking, you can get it walking, you can get it any old how... ... in fact, I've got it now.... Thring.

23. Some Thring is better than No Thring

24. Some Thring is going to happen today.

25. Which Nomic?

26. Thrink about it!

27. Thring Happens.

28. Oh what a feeling ... Thring.

29. Thring Nomic - ruling mystique

30. Preese conshider.

31. I feel a Thring coming on.

32. It's just this Thring, OK?

33. What's big, cumbersome, and would destroy rainforests given half a chance.. not this Nomic.

The rules for voting for your favourites are these:

1) You may not vote for any slogans which you submitted.

2) You may vote for three slogans.

To vote, email me ( with the body including a list of three numbers, _in_order_: that is, with your favourite slogan first, followed by your second favourite and then third.

To decide which is overall favourite, I will allocate 3 points for a first choice, 2 for second and 1 for third (you can submit less than 3 if you wish, but I'll still only allocate 3 to the first and 2 for the second if there is one) and then add these up in the usual way ... (i.e. the slogan with the most points wins; ties may be interesting ...)

Everyone reading this is eligible to vote (except the editor of Thring Weekly).

Please submit your votes by next Tuesday (I'll send out a reminder on Monday again); I realise that yes, this gives you less than a week to vote, but I am trying to get this newsletter out on time. Votes may be resubmitted if you change your mind.

Forgotten Proposals

In Week 5, there was only one Proposal, Proposal 310. It passed with a vote of two FOR (no against) and became Rule 310. Rule 310 has since been amended (to become Rule 344) but only very slightly. The original wording of Proposal 310 differed from the current wording of Rule 344 in that the words `This rule takes precedence over rule 204' were not then present.

In the next week, there were a lot more Proposals ...

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