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Motion #1 - All the Trivial Fixes that aren't Worth Wasting a Proposal On
Initiated by: Elysion
Status: Accepted
Objections: None

Rule #303/1 is hereby amended by replacing the string "each turn (or week, whichever)" with "at the beginning of each week".

Rule #304/1 is hereby amended by replacing all occurrances of the string "The Capitol" with "Terra City".

Rule #308/1 is hereby amended to read:

A player is either Active or Inactive. Inactive players may not vote, issue or judge CFJs, or submit proposals. An Active player may become Inactive by publically announcing they are doing so, along with a period of time of at least four days. The player shall then becme Inactive. After an amount of time passes equal to the announced period of time, the player shall again become Active.

Rule #309/0 is hereby amended by removing the sentence reading "WHEREIN Proposal 304 is enacted, this proposal, if approved, shall immediately take effect." and replacing the word "Soth" with "South".

Rule #314/0 is hereby amended to read:

Any unowned square within 25 squares of Terra City may be purchased for 40 Gold Coins minus a number of Gold Coins equal to its distance from Terra City. To purchase a square, a player must publically announce both the sale and the selected map square and pay the appropriate number of Gold Coins. The square shall then be considered owned by the purchasing player. Terra City may never be bought.

Rule #316/0 is hereby amended to read:

Upon joining the game, a player shall receive one unowned square of land of their choice within 25 squares of Terra City.

Rule #318/0 is hereby amended by replacing the sentence reading "Players may transfer money between themselves and their nation at will." with "A player and their Nation shall both be considered to own all Gold Coins held by the player."

Rule #350/0 is hereby repealed (but you can still call me the trouble-maker).


5/16/99 20:09 initiated by Elysion
5/20/99 20:09 motion accepted