Rule 430


Amends 397


Syntax and Semantics of the Roll


Let there be an official document known as the Roll. The Roll shall consist solely of two columns of text. The first column shall consist only of a list of all Offices in existence, one per line, sorted alphabetically. In the second column to the right of each Office shall be placed the name of the current holder of that Office, if any, and no other text. Upon passage of this amendment, the Roll shall contain one such line for each Office in existence immediately prior to passage, regardless of whether the creation of those Offices involved specific changes to the Roll.

An Office is any set of functions so designated by the rules. The terms "Official" and "Officer" are synonymous with "Office." The functions which constitute an Office shall be carried out by the current holder of that Office. Only players may hold Offices, and no Office may be simultaneously held by more than one player. The act of adding or changing the holder of an Office in the Roll is known as "appointing" the new holder to the Office.

No player shall be appointed to an Office without its consent. The player holding an Office may at any time send a message to the Public Forum resigning that Office. On resigning, an Officer may optionally name a different player as a successor. If the named player indicates es consent in a message to the Public Forum within 72 hours of being so named, e shall immediately be appointed to that Office; if e fails to do so e shall have refused appointment. If no successor was named, or if the named successor refuses appointment, the Office shall become vacant.

The default salary for an Officer shall be one third as many points as there are current players, rounded up to the next integer. This Rule shall not cause any Officer to recieve this salary. If the rules specify a salary for an Office, that salary is added at the beginning of each Nomic Week to the score of the Player who holds the Office at that moment, unless the Rules provide that the salary be awarded at another time.

If a Rule states that an Office has a default Officeholder, then if, at any time, the Roll does not state who holds that Office, the Roll shall be modified so that the default Officeholder holds that office.

This Rule takes precedence over all mutable Rules governing Offices, except that it shall defer to any Rule which governs the conditions under which a Player may be appointed to or resign a particular Office, or the receipt of a salary by an Officer, and then only to the extent necessary to resolve the conflict.


Motivation: Since we now have a means of filling vacant offices, there's no need to force a player to remain in an Office due to lack of a consenting replacement.

I find it a little odd that our rules protect the right to refuse to accept official responsibilities, but deny officers who have faithfully discharged their duties for some time the right to step down...





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