Rule 424


Creates a rule




  1. A Contract may be made between any number of Players. The Players agreeing to a Contract are known as "Participants".
  2. Participants must abide by the provisions of a Contract.
  3. A Contract may not stipulate when or if a Player shall rule on a Judgement.
  4. A Contract may not stipulate that a Player leave the game.
  5. Should a Rule and a Contract come into conflict, the Rule will always take precedence over the Contract. At no time shall a Contract be interpreted as requiring a Player to violate any Rule.
  6. In order to agree to a Contract, each Participant must submit a message to the Public Forum consisting of two parts. The first part contains text indicating that the Player distributing the message agrees to the Contract. The second part contains the Contract. Every Participant must distribute the same Contract for the Contract to be considered valid.



Bill Trost


submitted Sat, 07/02/94 14:51:51 PDT

distributed Tue, 05 Jul 1994 23:24:45 PDT

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