Rule 423


Amends 386


Judicial Qualification


Each player shall be either Qualified or Disqualified with respect to any Call for Judgement which has been submitted. A player may not simultaneously be both Qualified and Disqualified with respect to a given CFJ, and a player shall be Qualified with respect to a given CFJ unless otherwise stated or implied by the rules.

The player who submits a CFJ is Disqualified with respect to that CFJ, as is any player who has previously served as a Judge for that CFJ and who failed to return a judgement on that CFJ in accordance with the rules, and any player On Hold.


Motivation: Players On Hold are obviously ill-equipped to render timely judgements.

One may wonder why I have suggested 386 and 396 be amended separately. The reason is that I think 386 should be reserved for things that would make a player 'intrinsically' Disqualified, whereas 396 would be the place for inserting ways of disqualifying players based on the particular actions. On Hold status is kind of in the gray area, but I ended up deciding to put it here.


Jim Shea


submitted Tue, 28 Jun 94 09:10:25 CDT

distributed Tue 28 Jun PDT

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