Proposal 415


Amends 368


Vacant Offices


If an Office is created and the rules do not specify a Player who initially holds that Office, or if at any time an Office becomes vacant, or if any Office is vacant upon passage of this amendment, then a Player shall be randomly selected for that Office.

Whenever the rules call for a Player to be randomly selected for an Office then the following events shall occur, in order:

  1. The Speaker shall, as soon as possible, send a message to the Public Forum announcing the vacancy and requesting volunteers for the Office. Any player may volunteer for the Office by sending a message to that effect to the Public Forum within 72 hours.
  2. The Speaker shall, as soon as possible but not less than 72 hours after announcing the vacancy, randomly choose a Player from among all volunteers, or, if there are no volunteers, from among all Active Players, and send a message to the Public Forum offering that Player appointment to the Office.
  3. If the chosen player volunteered for the Office, e shall have consented to be appointed to that Office. Otherwise, the chosen Player may, within 72 hours of this message, send a reply to the Public Forum consenting to or refusing appointment to the Office. If e fails to send such a reply within 72 hours, e shall have refused appointment.
  4. If the chosen player consents to the appointment, e shall immediately be appointed to the Office in question. If the chosen player refuses appointment, then e shall lose 3 points, and the Speaker shall repeat the selection process from step 2.


Motivation: 368 is pretty much ineffectual at the moment. We should either fix it or repeal it. I'm also getting a little annoyed that we keep defining Offices but never filling them.

I've made several changes since the original proto-proposal:


Jim Shea


submitted Sat, 18 Jun 94 11:54:08 CDT

distributed Mon Jun 20 PDT

Voting record

Michael		: FOR
Malcolm		: FOR
Ronald		: FOR
Bill		: FOR
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