Rule 396


Additional Disqualification Criteria


The player who submits a CFJ may submit with the statement to be judged a single statement to the effect that one other player is to be Disqualified with respect to that CFJ. If such a statement is submitted, then the indicated player shall immediately be Disqualified with respect to that CFJ. The Custodian of the Bar shall distribute any such statement along with the statement to be judged.

Within 72 hours of the announcement of the identity of a Judge any player other than the player who submitted the CFJ may send a message to the Public Forum asking that the Judge be Disqualified with respect to that CFJ. No player may send more than one such message per CFJ. If at least 30% of the current players send such a message, the Judge shall become Disqualified w.r.t. that CFJ, and a new Judge shall be selected. If a Judge becomes Disqualified after being selected, and is not subsequently re-selected for that same CFJ, e shall not be required to return a judgement for that CFJ, or, if e does or has already done so, that judgement shall be destroyed. In this case the player in question shall incur no rewards or penalties for returning or failing to return a judgement. This rule takes precedence over any rule that would require such a player to return a judgement or reward or penalize em for returning or failing to return one.


Motivation: There have already been a couple of cases where the player judging a statement was the one whose conduct was being questioned, which is inappropriate and dangerous. At Agora, we tried mechanisms for detecting "conflict of interest" but they never really worked well as far as I could see. The essential concept above originated in the primordeal MUD: allow the players discretion in disqualifying judges. The conditions for disqualification are somewhat restricted since if all players are Disqualified the whole thing degenerates to random selection.

BTW, if anyone can think of a way to express the above more succinctly, I'm all eyes.


Jim Shea


submitted Sun, 22 May 94 12:46:19 CDT

distributed Mon May 23 PDT

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