Rule 363


The Office of Custodian of the Bar, and the Case Histories.


The Custodian of the Bar

The Roll shall contain the following sentence: "There exists the Office of Custodian of the Bar".

The Custodian of the Bar shall have general responsibility over administering Calls for Judgement, as outlined in the Rules.

The Custodian shall recieve one point, or the default salary for Officers minus one point, whichever is greater, on the default payday.

If no other player holds this Office, then the Speaker shall.

The Case Histories

Each Judgement shall have associated with it a number which is one greater then the number of the previously submitted Judgement. The first Judgement submitted shall be assigned the number 1.

Let there be an Official Document known as the Case Histories. The Case Histories shall contain, for each Judgement, the following plainly marked information:

The Custodian shall distribute an accurate replica of the Histories to any player as soon as possible after recieving their request. When a Judgement is returned, the Custodian shall distribute the relevant History information to all players.



Karl Anderson


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