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Posted by Jeff Reinecke, Minister of Records on September 10, 1998 at 15:34:49:

Abstract: Amend 205 to remove ambiguity on how to handle abstentions

Pros: Everyone should recieve more points than they would otherwise. Ambiguity removed. Abstentions handled as expected. Laws have a more realistic probability of passing.

Cons: None forseen at this time.

Main Arguments:
I have submitted a new proposition, that amends law 205. 205 has an ambiguity as to how to handle abstentions in voting. I have corrected this with my proposal (which has ended up with the number 1001).

Now, abtension will be handled correctly. An abstain will carry no weight (for sure) in voting, or in the percentage of yes votes for the voting payment points. However, it will be counted as a vote for payment of casting votes.

For example (in case you don't follow), if 5 votes were yes, 3 were abstentions, and 2 were no, then, the prop would have 62.5% yes votes, and you (if it was your prop) would recieve, as set forth in 204, 62.5 points for payment (not including anything you get for voting). If you had abstained from the vote on this prop, and did not vote on the other three (so there are four props this voting period), you would get payment for voting on 25% of the props: 6.25 points. So your total points would be Integer( 62.5+6.25 )=68 points. I guess this cleared up the voting payment points a little too (law 204).

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