Upkept by the Minister of Records

9/10/98 00:00 PDT

The game has started! Start submitting your propositions. Sumission procedures, as well as voting precdures and dealines are posted in the Minister of Record's Office

9/9/98 19:00 PDT

I put up the final form of the Constitution. Unfortunately, I am indisposed for the rest of the day, so if there are any problems left, we'll have to mend them by the rules.

9/9/98 15:00 PDT

After getting a little lunch, and rereading 205, I changed the last part of 205 (the part about the the lack of someone voting), into a less ambiguous fashion.

9/9/98 14:20 PDT

Fixed a voting bug in 205 which allowed an interpretation that, although you had one vote per proposition, you could distribute the votes however you wanted. 205 also needed the addition of how to deal with a lack of a casted vote(s) by a citizen.

9/9/98 01:00 PDT

The Constitution had a few minor changes:

9/8/98 23:57 PDT

My office name has changed once again. I am now the Minister of Records.

9/8/98 17:05 PDT

Constitution was tweaked a little. Nothing really important was done.

9/8/98 02:10 PDT

The Minister of State declares intent to ratify the Constitution at midnight, the morning of September 10, 1998. Therefore, there is less than two days for everyone to put in any extra user feedback. For more information, read the State Minister's official notice.

9/7/98 21:30 PDT

Document Overhaul:

9/7/98 19:05 PDT
9/7/98 00:44 PDT